The fairy tales feature events that are the exact opposite of what people experience in their day today lives.

The fairy tales feature events that are the exact opposite of what people experience in their day today lives.





Many at times you find yourself having to twist the story a little for it to bring out the fictional aspects of a true story, real life situations that happen to be too harsh are diluted with tales that are conversely pleasing. For instance…

Facts tell us that when you leave your fiancée, your true lover and future queen behind for too long, she will be married by someone else and by the time you return she will be running around her garden happily with another man’s children, fiction however tells us that if you return from a long treacherous journey, say you were among the few that survived, you will find your sweet heart still waiting for you in her family home.

Most often in popular narratives you find real  life stories twisted to take a tone that is more acceptable and appealing to the reader, let’s say there are two youngsters who are engaged and are about to wed in a few months’ time, then something unexpected happens, a really unfortunate event, the gentleman is then pulled out of his well-planned future peaceful & prosperous life into an expedition, the town’s mayor promises the crew with huge pay rise if in case they bring back the goods safely home, the gentleman sees this as an opportunity to pay for his expensive wedding, and the journey approximated to take less than six months from the beginning to the return time isn’t a big deal after all.

While they were sailing to their destination their ship is caught in a violent storm,  it is wrecked by the violent waves and more than half of the crew are lost, the surviving ones are rescued by a foreign ship which takes them to their country of origin, the survivors then stay stacked there on a lonely shore for a long time without any hope of ever returning to their home, they find no ship that’s willing to sail them back to their home country for free, some of them try to intermingle with the local people, they live a lowly life and take odd jobs to sustain themselves.

To the pretty girl back at home, her bright future has suddenly turned dull, she waits for many weeks yet she received no word of the ship, her weeks are now turning into months and months to years…

In real life the girl won’t have to wait any longer for some lover who promised to return then disappeared,  you can’t expect a girl to wait for that long, six years is eternity, you should expect her to get married as soon as possible and move on with her life.

But since this case of ours is a story, a fairy tale, we would like to make it as interesting as possible, we are therefore obliged to remove the saddening realities of life and replace them with sweet anecdotes, our story would then go like this….

“…the farm girl, the beautiful daughter of Harry Venlam waited and waited, she waited for many months for her fiancé to return, her family pressured her to get married to a tycoon in the local town but she refused to give in, many travellers came to her home giving her reports supported by witnesses that her fiancé was lost in the sea, others told her that he has found another lover in a different country and has settled down with an alien girl, they told her that he was never coming back, but time and again the girl’s will was strong, she refused to believe them.

….after six long years of waiting her fiancé finally arrived in a foreign ship that was glittering with jewels, he was now captain with more than five hundred crew men under his command, he had won the favour of a foreign noble who raised him to such high ranks, the young lovers then got to perform their magnificent wedding, she was glad that her patience had paid off, that her fiancé chose to return to her and not wonder away into the strange country chasing after foreign girls, the gentleman on the other hand too is glad that his bride to be chose to wait for those six long painful years for him, the Venlam family then moved in to their new dazzling mansion on the countryside where they lived happily ever after…”




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