The evident Wretchedness of the banks, why it appears a wise thing to do when you keep your own money and not deposit it into your local banks

The evident Wretchedness of the banks, why it appears a wise thing to do when you keep your own money and not deposit it into your local banks


After the sudden collapse of one of our most trusted local bank and several financial organisations nearby, people began to lose faith in banks and all other financial institutions, some people lost all their savings when their banks collapsed, a lifetime worth of savings, you could hear people murmuring in the streets, saying to on another, “it’s better to buy a hardware store than to put your money in a bank, your money could simply vanish in a matter of seconds, hardware equipment on the other hand do rust over time but you can never lose them easily like money in a bank. ” people were left with so much pain, grief, hopelessness, disbelief and mistrust of the banks. There was a time when bandits gathered in gangs to rob banks of their cash, that time is all gone, now it’s the banks that are doing the robbing, snatching the only few pennies owned by the poor which could have saved their lives.


Folks have learned to fear banks, they have heard stories from families and friends of how some popular banks robbed them of the little fortune they had left. I thought they had a sweet deal from the beginning, sealed by mutual trusts and lots of assurances, but somehow something went wrong in the middle and their once strong cooperation turned sour.


One poor farmer said that some banks approached him like wolves in sheep’s clothing, they made him many promises and enticed him with many gifts, persuaded him to sign the dark papers which forced him to make a deal that sealed his eventual demise. “had I known that they were coming to take away my handful of flock, I won’t have led them enter my ranch in the first place.” he said sobbingly, “I thought I saw my saviours coming to my aid, wasn’t aware of the fact that they were actually reptilians dressed in priesthood robes and spoke the language of the angelics.”


When I shall have my own bank, I hope to gain enough coins from the public as much as possible, but I do not want to be the cause of their despair, nor bring them stresses that might send them early to the grave.


There are deals which go well of course where both sides get numerous benefits from one another, things happen well only if you know what you are doing, if you don’t know very well those strange partners of yours inside out then don’t dare set a foot in their bargain.

People have smarten up in the recent decades, they want to put things into their own hands, things banks did for them they want to do it for themselves, how can such a huge reliable bank collapse? It’s like someone who lives in a stone shelter then all of a sudden the rock walls fell back in the four faces leaving you in danger and exposed to extreme weather, “had I known I would have put that money into a hardware store” says an old man.

There were once two men who were carrying luggage across a river, one was carrying a toolbox full of  hardware components and another carrying a bag of paper money, on reaching the other side they saw an old cabin which they decided to take a rest in before they proceeded with their journeys the next day, the following morning each woke up to a surprise, the tools man  found all his tools had been engulfed with rust overnight, while the money man  found out that all his precious notes have been dissolved by water, forming a large lump of spoilt paper, they have been completely destroyed, the tools man simply took a piece of sandpaper, scrubbed off the rust and went on with his journey, he left behind the moneyman agonizing over his lost wealth.


They know very well that you should never put all your eggs in one basket. Wondering why they are still putting their life savings in a single bank account, so that you will not weep bitterly in the end, they should find some alternatives I believe.


Contemporary wisdom may claim that those who keep all their money in a bank are absolutely foolish. The walls of the banks are weak and porous, termites may one day bore into the building, build a colony around the safes and destroy your cash, and conversely water may slowly seep into the buildings through the basements and destroy your paper money, what will be left of you if all your life savings are destroyed? A solid proof that paper money is worthless. for now we will hide our money under our pillows We will wait until the walls of the banks are built of better material, bricks that are stronger than steel, then shall we be confident enough to keep our money there for safety.


I think the reason banks are so strict with the behaviors of your bank deposits and withdrawals, is because they don’t want any superstitious cash flowing through their system, they will be the ones to answer to when the authorities come knocking at their doors, they will be the ones demanded to produce documents needed of the suspects, so they’d rather keep the potential threats at bay than risk damage to their name.


The Great Wreak

It is soon found out that a calamity is descending upon the economy, the banks have been misbehaving because they have brought such a disaster of such an enormity to the world economy, the government should have them whipped, the peoples voice say, “the banks  executives from the smallest to the largest who participated in these shady deals should be laid down  in a line according to their size , then each given ten strokes of cane, first before each is added bonus whips depending on the size of damage they did to the economy,”


These were some of the comments I heard people say on the streets, when they were forced to sleep out in the open like mail boxes.

Lots of banks often find themselves in shaky conditions I believe is probably due to their treachery, because they steal from the poor always, they collapse all the time, but the honest and truthful ones in their dealings stand tall for generations and centuries, but the wicked and greedy ones, those that rob the blind and show no mercy to the poor, their lifetime is often very short.


Many people fear banks and label some of them as utterly evil, they sweet talk you claiming they want to help you out of your problem, but all they are planning at the back of their minds is to take away the little you have left of your inheritance.





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