The Dubai Princesses, Saga, how the words and actions of Some Emirati Princesses threaten to bring down their Magnificent Desert Kingdom.

The Dubai Princesses, Saga, how the words and actions of Some Emirati Princesses threaten to bring down their Magnificent Desert Kingdom.


First of all I am speaking on my own personal account, so let no one take my words as accurate account of what is actually happening at the Glittering Desert Metropolis, I am not a Muslim and I don’t come from anywhere in the middle East, but events in the past few months have compelled me to  make a statement. I have watched every clip and read every news story about the so called or should I say, ill thought phrase, “The Runaway Princess of Dubai, and where are her whereabouts?” The recent events have come unexpected and have taken the world by surprise. The world media, especially the Western Media have rushed into the story and have started drawing their own conclusions about the saga, you  know the aggressive and intrusive behavior that is typical of Western Media, they quickly judge and ill talk everyone even before they understand them, they announce to the world that there is going to be a serious scandal in the Emirati Kingdom, and the royal family is soon going to crumble, if you read some of the headlines, you will be shaken to the bones, many are very brutal. The Arab Media on the other hand takes a more careful approach to the matter, they are careful with the words they put in the headlines, because of the deep respect they have for the Dubai Princess


Is the Dubai runaway Princess a rogue and troubled kid just trying to mess things up? Well I will leave that answer to you, everyone should shape their own thoughts and conclusions.

But here is my Personal Opinion, for those who have visited Dubai before, lets first and foremost commend the Sheikh for the amazing work he has done for his country, Dubai is the most Moderate and Freest countries in the Arab world today as we speak, if you see how far they have come in just a few years, you will be obliged to congratulate the ruling family for the sacrifices they have made. The Sheik’s Family has done a lot for Dubai over the decades, moving it from being one of the poorest countries in the world to becoming one of the richest. Dubai as we all see it deserved to be called “the jewel of the Arab world.”


Anyone who has ever visited this tiny Gulf country before and seen how far it has come compared to other nations in the middle east will not be quick to judge the ruler. It is one of the freest places to travel and to do business.




OK, we’re done with endorsements, Now to the Family Saga,

Shortly after the daring but failed escape of princess Latifa, The world’s media made a whirlwind out of her story, some headlines were running like this, “The Missing Princess of Dubai – Is she really a victim of Islamic oppression of women or just another rebellious girl who is unaware of the fact that her risky behavior may bring ruin to her family and her Emirati Kingdom?”

What could have been the reasons for her trying to escape?

If you watch the entire video she released before her daring attempt, you will notice that there is no mention of horrific things done to her, things the international community would classify as a violation of human rights. Things that would justify her escape. If they had denied her an education, forced her into an early marriage, beaten, or sexually assaulted her, then her escape would be justified by the court of public opinion.

But why would a princess want to run away? she had all the riches of the Arab world to herself. What was she running away from? Is it her family’s wealth? the Islamic veiling of women, or the daily accompaniment  of  bodyguards who follow her wherever she goes.

Why would her father lock her up in a cell and leave the other thirty plus children free?  In my opinion she must have done something really disturbing to be in such a state, she must have been engaging in really risky behavior

I have watched this video here by princess Latifa many times, to try to get some clues to what her life was like in the Kingdom, in the video below here….


She argues that her father, the ruler of Dubai doesn’t give her enough freedoms to enjoy herself, she says her father, “is a very bad Person”

She even accuses him of Murder, she also goes ahead and says that, “if you are watching this video, then its either I am in Prison or I am dead”


We may not have legitimate ways to verify those claims, but I believe the ruler of Dubai is not the brutal man she describes, in fact he is a reformer, and always coming up with changes to the constitution all the time so that it could become more inclusive for the international community. Based on this interview of the Sheikh, by BBC here…



The Emiratis are trying to modernize while still trying to preserve their cultural heritage, you know globalization also comes with negative effects in that the invading cultures of the world can very easily swallow your own local customs. Now  if you look at Dubai, The foreigners outnumber the locals by a very huge margin, a whooping ratio of 8:1. Meaning that every Emirati is surrounded by eight foreigners in his neighborhood, if they don’t preserve some aspects of their cultural heritage such as national dress and code of conduct, then they will loose their identity in just a few years, 

When the Emiratis pass laws that people especially tourists should not hold hands or kiss in public, they have a very important point. That’s decency, modesty, or should I say respect for others around you. Have you been to some of the  Caribbean islands and see what tourists do? There are some  places that are so notorious with these social ills that quiet often you will see tourist making out, hugging and kissing, and doing all their adult staff right there on the beaches in broad daylight, at times with children close by watching everything,

The Emiratis of course don’t want to allow their modest society to be turned into an XXX tourist destination. They are open to the world and want to interact with as many cultures as possible while keeping in mind that they also need to protect their own culture as well. It’s a very delicate balance, and a very tight rope they have got to walk. These Arabs of the Gulf have a very conservative culture. And they would do anything, at all costs to protect their family names, let alone the reputation of an entire Kingdom.

Examining the words of Princess Latifa, and the Hollywood worthy story of how her escape from home was halted by the Emirati authorities. Do you ever wonder how it would have turned out if she had actually managed to escape? And come to the shores of the west? If western governments had received her with open arms and given her the  asylum she was dying for, then this would have been a very serious diplomatic crisis with the Emirati government. If she had managed to reach the west, she would have been hidden off from view and denied publicly by government officials that she was in any country she was residing in, to preserve diplomatic ties with the Sheikhs.


I really tried to sympathize with her and understand her situation, but I failed to fall for her claims, This princess had the luxuries and privileges most girls around the world would envy her for, she rode very fine horses, she went sky diving, and many countless trips around the world, yet she still claims that she has had no freedoms at all, what more freedom could any child born of royalty ever want?

If she had managed to escape, she would probably have ended up on Long beach in California sunbathing in the hot summer sun, wearing just a Bikini. Well, I have never seen any Muslim girls in Bikinis before, I hope I could meet one some day, a Muslim girl walking on a public beach half nude would be very shameful to her family, especially if someone takes  her photos without her approval or even noticing it, then distributes those scandalous photos on the web, for an ordinary Muslim family, it would be very scandalous and shameful thing.


Oh! Hold on, that’s just only for the ordinary Muslims, imagine that happening to the daughter of a ruling Sheikh! And not just any ordinary sheikh, but “the ruler of Dubai, the Most Magnificent Arab City on earth!” how scandalous that is going to be, when photos emerge on social media, of the princess of an Arab kingdom sunbathing half naked on a beach, oh! Boy that is a story I would love to listen to, oh! Boy, those are photos I would do anything to get access to.


There was a time, a short while ago when some photo about one of  the Obama daughters was doing rounds on social media, that dim poor quality image went viral and reached every corner of the Planet in almost an instant, that wasn’t the first time a girl kissed a boy, or should I say the girl kissed the boy in public at campus grounds. Of course not, that wasn’t the first time, in fact, freshmen do embarrassing things with one another publicly all the time, they have very clumsy and amusing ways of expressing love, the fact that she was a product of the “white house” is what made the image go viral, I bet Papa was very disappointed with that photo and really scorned her there in the secret of the oval office, “Yo mamma and I work very hard to bring food to the table, yet you pay us back by bringing shame? Next time you do that to me I will whoop yo’ ass ” he said to her. ” Please don’t smear my good name with mud.”

These kinds of images of the Obama daughters are what the Sheikh’s family do not want to be associated with.

One thing these crazy little girls that happen to find themselves in royalty fail to understand is the nature of the gravity of their actions, when one of her parents get elected to high office to become a world leader, then they ask their little daughter to be a little bit more cautious with her words or actions because everything they do from now on will not only be for their own personal interest but may impact the whole family, be it negative or positive, the father hires bodyguards to accompany his baby daughter everywhere she goes as protection, now her daddy is in high office, she may become a lucrative target to criminals of all kinds, political enemies that may want to harm her, bandits that may kidnap her for ransom, or even just ordinary folk that may try to get her into a trap they can use to blackmail that fellow in high office for financial or political gains, or simply out of mere wickedness. the list of dangers is endless.

The little spoilt girl on the other hand, sees things differently, the thought  of having bodyguards, especially males accompanying her everywhere she goes with the exception of restrooms is a form of oppression from her father, she wines over the fact that she has lost her freedom. The long desired  freedom to go anywhere she wants, anytime she wants and get to interact with anyone she likes. Deep in her heart, she madly desires that freedom to go out with any boy she chooses, and come back at home anytime she wants without anyone bothering her, even if its two hours past midnight every day, she wants the freedom to do so.


Its one thing when you are an ordinary citizen, it’s another situation when you are a close relative of a high ranking public official, all the eyes of the world are upon you and your family, every small mistake you make can easily be exaggerated, therefore they all need to tread more carefully. Caution is something these crazy little girls will never understand. There is always more at stake than their tiny chicken brains can ever comprehend. They always think that the whole world was made just for them


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