The difficulty and absurdity of learning a new language.

The difficulty and absurdity of learning a new language.



My experience with French

I have been to alliance Française and the experience was great, I would go to more classes, and speak French I’d say. in French, as many already know that, every noun or verb is either male or female as you attach its distinctive representatives, a wall is a female, a table is a male, what about a door, a knife, window, books, pen, telephone, cups, all are either male or female and you have to know which is which, a bizarre thing for beginners.

I was flabbergasted by this idea that every living thing has to be either male or female. All objects in the world, both the living and the non-living things.

I said unto myself, “so this is how the French see the world,  every object is either a male or female” it’s like when you are in the  dining room you are using male spoon and a female bowl, you sit on  a female chair next to  a male table

Learning new languages is awkward and funny, describing things in another language is like looking at the world upside down.




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