The demand to portray exceptional leadership skills beckons us at every turn

The demand to portray exceptional leadership skills beckons us at every turn




At one point in life, people will face situations when they are demanded to demonstrate excellent leadership skills, whether one is young or old, or from whatever place they come from,

Somehow somewhere circumstances will arise that will demand them to lead the way. This happens to everyone everywhere, and when you are not prepared, let not the weather storm catch you by surprise.

Leadership is in many places and in many more things we do, it doesn’t mean running large co-operations, or some famous international Organizations. Even in the smallest social units such as families there is Leadership quality traits needed.

The Great Leader

There are leaders in different fields, be it in politics, business, sports, a leader always remains a leader. Your attention and guidance is highly demanded in times of need, your followers will be more willing to take your instructions at such a time they’ll do everything you say, when calamity strikes everyone wants to take part by doing at least something to save the situation, they eagerly wait for orders, a clear sign of being co-operative.

In your team shall you find your closest advisors, pick understanding juniors and keep them closest to you, critics do nothing other than ruining your good plans, close associates(advisors need to have freedom to express their views, whenever a problem arises, but should not try to manipulate you.) Such manipulative companions are better kept far off in times of need. On top of making a contribution, they should also respect your final decisions.

Sometimes subjects put you to pressure  simply not because they want their ideas or opinions implemented but rather to see if you feel the same way as they do, they want assurance that you fully understand their concerns, fears, doubts, worries, nightmares and practically about everything else they feel you should be aware of, if you openly display that you are on their side, they will instantly stop nagging and pushing you around.

Even all the books about leadership can never give enough picture of how it’s like to be a leader, so we believe in landing on the job, let your experience teach everyone. None can ever fully prepare you for what you are going to experience in the fields.

There are two difficult things to rule, thyself and thy people, thyself is harder, sticking to your plans, holding on to your words and keeping schedule are among the hardest things to do. As we are all aware of, people pay more attention to what you are doing than what they hear you say, if your actions are satisfactory, then they pay more attention to your words as a bonus.

There are basically two types of leaders, the warrior captain and the diplomat, the warrior captain achieves the success and protection of those under their command through outward aggression, direct attacks, doing things that may cripple or demobilize a threatening team, firm or organization, the diplomat on the other hand prefers peaceful measures to his campaigns, they’d rather try to achieve their organizational goals without disturbing the outward peace of others/competitors around them, warrior captains focus on what they want from others, what they’d like them to do, diplomat captains focus more on what others want from them, the warrior captains are called aggressive opportunists who will stop at nothing till they get what they want, while the diplomats are called weak links who can easily be taken advantage of by their juniors and easily overcome by the opponent’s pressure.




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