The Couples endless Conflict over Chores

The Couples endless Conflict over Chores


A couple once had a bitter quarrel over household chores that ended up impacting their relationship negatively, when the lady threatened to leave, the gentleman picked the frying pan and said, “I will do it then, there is nothing embarrassing about preparing meals, can one become ashamed of their own stomachs? No! I doubt not, if you are planning to leave because I have refused to hold the frying pan, I will do it then?”

I went to Mark Anthony’s house to check out how he was handling the kids after his wife left to see her mother in the country side, I was having a meal he had offered me at the table when one of the kids fell off from the chair, mark rose from his seat, went to where the kid was, lifted the child using one leg and threw her onto the sofa together with her doll, “stay on that couch, you have caused me much trouble already”, there was another child on my left who had soup spilled all over his sweater and hasn’t been changed for days.

I was shocked by the way he handled the children roughly as if they were bags of corn, he throws them onto their beds like pillows and cushion, this is a factory worker so his behavior is not much of a surprise, “you can’t just throw these precious little ones around the house you know, you are going to break their necks,” I said to him, I also observed the way he felt detached while being around the kids at the house, I saw the way he walked & worked, he acted like a robot, I was amused when he came out of the kitchen with a pile of plates then started to toss them onto the dining table one by one, he threw them to slide across the table like the way a fellow throws a bone to a dog to catch, everything he did was clumsy and funny, he acted very stiff.

Gender Equality versus Gender Roles.

What is the true meaning of the term gender equality? That we are bombarded frequently in every direction, in the media in the streets, in public places you hear the term knocks your ears hard and makes your head ache, most women are honest and won’t do anything to harm their male counterparts, but there is a small group who have twisted meaning of this terminology for their advantage and to swap gender roles.

There is a young lady just next door who has turned this into a household phrase, she is always away while the man does all the household chores, when he says, “Michelle can you take over?” She barks back saying, “gender equality” you must get your equal share of work, this sends the man into an unwavering silence, it goes on and on like this for months and many more years. One day the man thought hard, ” am I being dishonored or disrespected? he asks himself” then he went and told the lady, “I have seen you are very busy these days and can never spend time at home, so I have decided to hire a nanny to help at the place, she will be of a great help to us, I too have some issues I need to focus on full time,” these words were very shocking to the lady, she could not believe her ears, “no way you can’t bring another woman into this house,” she answers back, “we don’t have enough money to pay her,” she said. Coincidentally the nanny happened to be a 20 years old attractive woman, much younger and more attractive than the fork lifter’s wife, this provoked more anger in the lady, “how could you give in easily to such a treacherous idea?” she asks. The man in reply says, “they are also my children, I love them just the same way you love them an I will sacrifice as much as you have sacrificed, so let me handle this situation for now, or things will get messed up around our house as we speak.”




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