The Ascent of Pop Music

The Ascent of  Pop Music





Music exists in many cultures, it came into use from the very first moment humans set foot on earth, but it rarely was used for commercial purposes as its main use was for religious, political, social or cultural practices in many communities with the exception of a few civilizations where musicians were hired to entertain guests.

With the inventions of reading equipment at the dawn of the twentieth century producers discovered that they could record music from a single artist, make many copies of it and distribute it to the masses, a great business idea and an opportunity it came to be so everyone decided to become a musician, sale of musical equipment skyrocketed, artists and performers littered the streets, music schools boomed, everyone was learning to play the piano, the harp and the violin, everyone tried to sharpen their voice so they could sound a little smoother, however every musician has their own voice, tone, style and rhythm of singing that makes them different from all the others, no two artist voices are ever the same.




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