The 21st Century crusaders, the war on terror appears to be a loosing battle

The 21st Century crusaders, the war on terror appears to be a loosing battle





Once a group of youths gathered in a huge stadium, all young recently out of school, physically fit and mentally clear. They have been recruited from every known continent. In their thousands, they line up, they have successfully endured many months of gruesome training, now they are ready for the field, and they are here to listen to the final instructions of their trainer.

Now it’s time for the Marshall to speak, all are in silence, “go out pistons to deliver our message to the world. Dance like a butterfly and sting like a bee. Deliver the world from tyranny and oppression, fight for freedom, justice, conscience, and order. Do not let anyone talk you down. Or make you think otherwise, for this is your day, it shall be remembered for all time.”

The new recruits after having been made to believe that they are the saviours of the world, match out with full confidence, their gadgets fully loaded, they are ready to strike at any time, all they are waiting for is an instruction from their commandos.

Upon reaching their destinations, they receive a handful of cheers form the locals. Some distaste them so much, when they heard they were coming they decided to hide themselves from their presence, and attacked them from the first instance they meet.

Savage brutality ensues, the first casualties began to be sent back to base. Victims of the aftermath begin to be flown back home in their hundreds. When the push and pull game stays on longer than planned, days turn into weeks, weeks into months and months become years. Soon the perception of the locals start to change, they switch their loyalty back to their oppressors, those they once bitterly demonstrated against, and reveal lots of secrets about the newcomers to them. “they oppress us, yes we know that, but at least they are our own flesh and blood, they live with us, and go through the same sufferings as we do, send these invaders back to where they came from, they have made our lives more miserable.” they say, “we were being oppressed but at least we had plenty of food and clean water, we had nice jobs and our children went to school. Now we live a living death.”

Eleventh century crusaders with the blessings of cardinals marched out to reclaim the holy city of Jerusalem, the twenty first century crusaders are now matching out to save the world from tyranny and oppression. The sons of the republic have gone deep into the world and the world has come deep into them.

It’s ironic to hear the people you have come to save are the ones who wish to see you vanquished, you have risked your life all along for them, now they are asking for your head on a silver plate, was the effort well worth it? The people you have sacrificed so much for won’t even give a token of appreciation. Instead of perceiving them as their saviors they begin to see them as their oppressors.




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