Temptation Comes at a time & Place we least expected

Temptation Comes at a time & Place we least expected



What was your most tempting moment? As we may not be that aware, temptation gets us at a time we least expected, it catches us by surprise like a fish hook, and once you are in, there is no way out, you wriggle and wriggle all your strength but there is no respite, no matter what you try, you have already fallen into a pit.

the other half of me.

There are two parts of me that are always at conflict with one another, each has a distinct voice of its own, one sounds like an old friend and talks cheeky, he’s encouraging me to do mischief, while the other often speaks in deep stern voice like that of a strict parent, this one wants me to be more cautious and wants me to think twice before proceeding with any kind of activity, one part wants me to lust for the things I see around me, get extremely angry with bitter revenge, the other wants me to stay composed and be contended with myself.

Who are these two voices that speak differently in me? Could it be that I am going nuts? When I stretched out my hand to grab bracelet that’s about to fall off a purse, I hear something inside me saying, “Hey wait, what do you think you are doing?” Instantly I draw back my hand in fear, when about to leave, another voice says, “come on boy, that thing was about to fall off anyway, why don’t you just grab it and simply disappear? Stop being a coward?” they would then proceed to argue with one another on and on, none stop…

How does one behave or take action when there is one part that wants to do evil while there is another part of them that wants to do the exact opposite?




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