Teaching old dogs new tricks, How much difficulty do you have talking to grownups?

Teaching old dogs new tricks, How much difficulty do you have talking to grownups?


Who are you?

When you give a well thought out lecture to a bunch of grownups, they ask you…”Who are you to tell us what to do and what not to do? They ask you, “give us a good reason why we should follow your instructions. Who are you to teach us these things?”

“I am a nobody, yes I understand that, but you need to listen to me,” you then vainly reply,

 These fellows are grownups we don’t want to sound like we are trying to drum our doctrines into them, were they children they would have been easier to teach, will they be willing to go back to class to listen to your lecture or will they wait eagerly to hear your words of wisdom? Will they gladly welcome your words as they respond to your commands saying, “Sir Yes sire.”

Pointing out something negative.

If you are going to point out a negative trait somewhere in your work/words make sure it’s something they can change, they can do something about that right professor?

Point out a scenario, a living example somewhere near them. Let it be at least some distance away but within reach of view.

These are grown-ups, they will resist us if we sound we are trying to teach them. All right then lets tell them a story of our neighbors then they can pick whatever lessons they will find from that text and apply it to their whatever level of need or understanding.

Speaking such a direct way may suddenly spark an outrage and lead you to loose potential listeners. Make sure there is no drumming lessons for dummies, you just want to show them around the garden, say “we have just been in the garden more than we have been outside,” then ask, “Look, do you see a difference?” 

You should remember that no matter how brilliant your masterpieces is not everyone will love it, you will always find those who give heart-breaking comments, even though your words are as crystal clear as the waters of the blue lagoon, even though your ideas shine bright as the northern stars, even though your story is interesting as hearing a baby speak, there is somebody somewhere who will always oppose it by all means possible and with all their strength they can put into it.




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