Some College courses may turn out to be a waste of your time and money, why students should think twice before joining college in the twenty first century



College, a waste of time

Folks say, “Why should you give someone lots of money so that they can waste your time, then after they are done brainwashing you they kick you out of their nests and hope you will be able to find a way to survive outside there on your own. Had I known my time and energy would be wasted this way, I would have told mother to stop paying the exorbitant fees and give it to me instead, then I could have invested that weighty amount somewhere worthwhile, maybe start my own singing and dancing classes, if I had done that, I won’t be jobless right now, by the time you are done with your schooling, a huge proportion of your productive years are already spent, why would you give out a fortune in exchange for a piece of paper that won’t guarantee your life will be successful smooth and easy?

College dropouts often start with a genuine quest, to work extra time in order to find few coins to boost payment of their fees, then they strike it lucky, some tumble upon a treasure box hidden underneath a bridge, their minds begin to be filled up with these thoughts of doubt, “we wanted to get a few notes to help pay for our college fees, now we have more than enough, what do we do now? Do we go back and waste more time in class or do we invest? I would rather invest these funds than to waste them away on some silly lectures, and that investment includes owning a college of their own,” then they go out and create a sham college, promote it intensely and soon many students come in to pour in money, that’s the quickest and easiest way to make cash, people really have faith in college education, they know this very well and they are very good at taking advantage of the peoples’ beliefs and desperation.

College education is so much fun and wonderful experience when there is someone taking care of your needs, a parent or guardian or some other sponsors watching your back, providing you with every need that might come across, you get lots of time to sit back and relax, enjoy your time while you peruse the pages, but when you are doing all things by yourself, taking in all the concerns and worries, it becomes more of a terrifying voyage rather than a comfy cruise.

This leads us to the common question that’s talked over all the time, is college education worth the trouble? As some may say, if you are doing super hard-core careers, such as medicine, engineering, & piloting, that’s okay but for those who are doing business, human resource and educational courses they are wasting a great deal of time, is this true?

The job of many colleges as some would say is to eat into your pocket for years as they fill your mind with junk and guarantee you with no job when you are done, you go out there and start walking around, you tarmac for many more years till your shoes are worn out looking for a job and find none, you find yourself back to square one, right where you started, it would have been better if you had invested that money in some paper business, eight years have passed now and it might have been the only thing putting food onto your table.

If you give the youngsters of today hundreds of thousands of notes and ask them to use that to go to college, to choose anyone they like, and any career they wish, will they go? Not unless you cash in directly into the department accounts they cannot be entrusted with such huge fortunes. If someone says this to themselves, “let me work hard for a few years make some notes, then get an opportunity to go to college,” if they were to get the funds they need in the long run will they go to give it away in exchange for a certificate? If it happens so only very few will be able to do that, only a handful have the will and determination to do that.

If building colleges has become a new way of making fortunes, I would probably join in and do the same, create thousands of fancy careers and charge an arm and a leg, then hundreds of thousands of students will pour in from all over the world and turn me into a wealthy duke, and I will make merry each day of my life.

The dropout rate is so high these days that merely a half of those who start get to reach the finish line, not because of the mischievous nature of the students but rather a combination of some many external factors and hindrances, and lack of funds being one of the limitations, going through college is not easy as some people claim it to be, there are so many things that come into your way that can potentially block your path and easily put an end to your dreams, those who get to finish really deserve a forty day feast, their struggle with books is over, now they are plunged into the highly competitive world of merchandise outside, the battle is over but the war is still on.

College atmosphere does not like too much seriousness, its more familiar with merry makers, as for those who try very hard to focus on their studies their peers try very hard to discourage them, they prefer to pour cola, listen to music and dance all day and night than to waste their precious hours staring at tattered pages.

Why do some graduates toss aside their certificates after finishing their schooling and venture into something else they did not study for? Were their efforts in college a waste of time and resources, why spend half a decade studying a solid theme subject only to discard it later? “I am now going to do what I really love” they say, this makes it sound like accepting college education for many students is simply a way of pleasing their parents, that they are doing something important and as a way of insuring their future, just in case their hobby profession fails, they can always go back to the warehouses to look for a job.

In the medieval days, being called a university student was a very prestigious title, the university was associated with people who are very educated and extremely wise, and others joined simply to earn the good name of it.

Campus Corporations.

This corporation called campus, if someone asks me to quit my college education so that I can go higher in my success, then I tell them this is what I was born to do, studying, and I will do nothing more than studying. In the near future I am thinking of starting a thousand colleges that will admit hundreds of thousands of students to be like many universities and other institutions of higher learning.

Many students are rebellious and truancy is rampant because of the fact that they pay a lot of money to sustain their education, no wonder why they spend a huge percentage of their time partying rather than studying. They know that the school depends on the cash from their parents pockets, so why not make the most of it? If they paid such exorbitant fess to get their degree then it appears to them as if they have bought that certificate instead of acquiring the grades, it’s like a “take this cash and give me that certificate” policy,

I do not blame the students for behaving/acting strangely it is the campus system itself that is to blame, it demands too much of excellence from these juniors, they are forced by the environment and circumstances around them to act as people they are not, every student in campus is not being themselves at all time because of peer pressure, they fear to ask questions for the fear of being perceived as fools, they fear to discuss their problems with others for the fear of being despised or regarded as weak, they squander off their savings organizing parties and functions just to please their peers. In campuses instructors and students are not themselves, and if you try to be yourself everyone begins to avoid you like a plague, so they’ve got no choice but to go with the crowd.

If its only money that most colleges care about, then you could just hand out a bundle of notes and then get a certificate in exchange, no need to waste precious time starring at a white board in their premises. Is college education a good investment or a liability to the wider society?




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