So you have been buying books for others to read

So you have been buying books for others to read




The book collector

My shelves are always hungry for more books, always thirsty for more words. Your habit of acquiring new books through transfers of ownership is like going through a chronology of projects, once a project is completed, you have no obligation but to venture into another one, and another and another… when the library is filled to capacity all requirements attained and about to get down to work, you are shocked to discover that a lot of time had already passed, you find yourself tossed in an unknown circumstance whereby the books you have been collecting are no longer needed, either because some are outdated or their topics coverages are no longer relevant.

Growing up in a library lets one to believe that the solutions to all problems are in books, it leads them to continue digging deeper into books.

I would prefer to use a small town library than a big city depository that has zillions of shelves, fancy elevators and high tech management systems. The huge size of the premise itself would serve as a distraction to me, the small library though having old dusty outdated books feels more comfortable and reliable, and you get personal attention whenever you might need one.

Too much space happens to be scarier than tiny little space that is just enough to move around.

You cannot become a writer if you are not a reader, you can only write words you have read, just the same way nobody can become a motivational speaker if they are not good listeners. As the popular adage puts it. No person can become a prolific author if they are not avid readers themselves.

The researcher

I used to do a lot of research about subjects that interested me, topics on science, mechanical engineering, astronomy, archaeology, medicine, just anything I could find interesting I would study, I didn’t do it for the sake of becoming an expert one day but just for the fun of it, a librarian once rebuked me for not following the book catalogue and roaming freely across text book shelves picking books as I go, but the issue of following the catalogue, that’s not me, I was just looking for something interesting no matter which book profession I got it from.

The research project itself should be the source of your excitements, if one draws amusement from an external source like music in the background and fairy commands talk, I am afraid you will not enjoy your work which will in turn bore you to death,, leaving many things undiscovered or simply unfinished. From today on I believe I will make good use of my library, no more buying books for others to read.

Throughout our research projects at the Margaret thatcher library, we came across two fellows who read extensively, they went through everything they found on the shelves, in the drawers and magazines at the reception, we kept wondering what was up with these fellows, could there be something stirring up these guys? We later found out that one of them was an author of the daily newspaper & a weekly magazine and the other became the famous author of award winning comedy title, “who’s on the bridge,” this was five years later.




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