Small town girls with big dreams

Small town girls with big dreams




Selena grew up on a steep rocky Alps homestead, her parents took good care of her and made sure she had the best possible start in life, ever since she was a child, they often said to her “go girl, pursue your dreams, and do not let anyone or anything put you down.”

She grows up with these thoughts in mind believing everything in life is possible, her parents’ encouragements and motivations kept her going, and soon she graduates and leaves the house for a job in the big city.

It is when she gets out that the cruel reality of life outside her home hits her hard. “It knocks her like a boxer’s punch. on her way to the city, she goes through a thick coniferous vegetation, she meets wolves, jackals and grizzly bears, “hello princess,” says the jackal, “it looks like you have lost your way, I think I know what you are looking for, I will help you find it, trust me, everything will be all right. You know what cutie princess, come to my residence place, there is a lot of honey the badger left me, and it’s large enough for both of us to eat for weeks.” They say all kinds of nice things to her hoping she would get close enough to them, then when she is in a very close range right at the perfect spot and has lowered her guard, they all at once pounce on her, rip her limbs apart, tear her flesh and feed on it, leaving nothing behind but bones. They’d then walk away chatting happily after having ravenous feast, “its long since we have ever tasted a princess toast, probably many years,” they would gloat. But Selina isn’t that fool who would easily accept a gift from a stranger.

Selena on seeing this then sits down and weeps sadly, “why had my parents never told me this earlier. Didn’t they reveal to me that they had loved me? What now?

People give their daughters all the  education they would need, but as they go outside, there it’s a totally different world, many strange and mysterious things happen, layers upon layers of barbed fence giving back a clear signal. “Crossing limits, do not go beyond this point, turn back and go wherever you came from.”

Unable to secure a job, she gathers her few belongings, goes to the public stadium, calls up the small crowd she could find and kicks off a campaign. She became a candidate vying for the seat of the mayor of Argos City. People were jubilant at first, from the beginning of her speech, but as soon as they realized what her intentions  really were, they looked down and started to walk away one by one, even her friends who were with her at the college do not want to look at her. None of them, not even one would cast a vote for her. They ask her, “girl are you sure you know what you are looking for, you are a crazy b****.  Do you have any idea what you are about to throw yourself into?”

It’s a tough life out there, tougher than the toughest thing known to man. Only the hard and strong make it through. The world is cruel, so cruel that when infants are born, and feels the cold heart of the planet, in the first few minutes of birth, they start crying, wailing loudly, “Oh mamma why did you let me come to this terrible place?”… Sobs…sobs…sobs…




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