Scientific dreams start Young

Scientific dreams start Young



A farmer once gave a pair of peaches and apples to two of his playful kids, “enjoy yourselves boys,” he said and walked out to visit his farm holding an axe on his shoulders, he strolled away slowly as he always did. As soon as he was gone the playful kittens started a game of jostling with one another, they could not have enough fun, soon it was getting to noontime, the sun becoming hotter as the kitten began to feel hungry, they looked at the clock, it was almost late in the evening it was now growing dark, when the farmer finally returned in the evening he found them dozing on a door mat. “We are very hungry papa,” they exclaimed. “What did you do to the fruits I left you?” he asked them angrily, then raised his head a little to look at the mess the ugly ducklings had created, the entire house surface was filled with fruit juice, the walls, the paintings, the furniture and the floor too was slippery, they had been throwing things around using eddies as darts, a game of hide and seek, the sharpshooter manual etc.

A while ago the farmer had done almost the same, he gave them two oranges and went back to his room, when he came out he found that one of them had put on safety goggles while the other had a notebook making some drawings of the fruit, they had the orange sliced into a half and now were pretending to be scientists studying a strange specimen, uttering unknown words as their vocabulary of profession. The farmer was very furious at this site and therefore smacked off the pieces from their table, “I gave you these oranges so that you can find a knife to eat them, not play with them.” He rebuked them.




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