Rogue Scientific Experiments will soon get out of control and destroy all humanity

Rogue Scientific Experiments will soon get out of control and destroy all humanity



A group of scientists, philosophers and activists have embarked on a mission to inform the world that if something is not done on time, planet earth will perish, everything must be cut, cut, cut & more cut. Cut the consumption of fossil fuels, cut public transport, cut mining, cut everything including the population, they claim that the only sure way to reduce consumption and such a dangerous lifestyle is to slash the human population by a huge portion, probably a half or more. Now things start to get ugly and a once exciting discussion turns into a sour debate, a vast majority of the populace reject this agenda.

These people are going to commit worse atrocities than anyone that has ever lived, they are going to do much more despicable things than the Nazis, when the people chat saying the Nazis were indeed extreme, but not as evil as these modern day scientists, the Nazis at least targeted a selected group of people, but these humongosaurs here want to destroy us all.

The most amusing part is that none of them ever lives long enough to see how the world is transformed. They too found themselves on earth. Just the same way all others do, they did not mould the earth, they simply found it here, if you are the ones who placed the human populations on earth you can do anything you wish with them, if not then you have no right to take them away.

If planet earth will perish, then let it be so, it’s not in our understanding to reason out such things, they are beyond any human comprehension, they think they understand everything when they have touched only a tiny speck of the whole thing, they think they can make a huge difference when they can actually do nothing about it, what shall you do?

Are you going to stop people from going to work because their cars are polluting the air? Are you going to stop people from cooking their food because their gas is producing dangerous smoke? If you want to get rid of human populations then you should start with yourself and leave us alone in peace.

Despite all the misfortunes of natural disasters, wars, starvation and disease, human populations has been doubling for the last two centuries, humans are remarkably resilient beings.

In order to produce energy, you must burn something, our ancestors in the olden days burned firewood to produce cooking fuel, the sun burns cosmic gases to produce light and heat energy we use today, the human body burns food we take in everyday to produce energy for our daily life, for walking, working, sleeping, resting, etc. all require a good amount of balanced diet.

When humanity destroys themselves nature will rejoice, trees will sing, the animals will dance, “man was determined to destroy us, now he’s bringing destruction unto himself” let them finish one another, let them kill each other right to the last man standing, the pain they cruelly inflicted upon us, let them do that unto themselves, then once more we will live at peace.

They wanted to poison the fresh water bodies of the world, all ponds, wells, oases, rivers and lakes, they also had another evil plan, more dangerous than the mere poisoning, they want to harness the destructive powers of the sun and use it to crush their enemies, those that they hated they wanted to annihilate completely. This new weapon of theirs could destroy all of us, everything that lives would perish.

Scientists are working on a killer disease, worse than anything else that has ever been seen by mankind, the ironic part is that after they have annihilated all others, will they continue to live on? Will they live on forever? they too are humans, the same fate awaits them all.

They plan to reduce the numbers to a manageable level for the time being as they put it. There are groups of scientists doing a great good for humanity, but there is also a whole bunch of mad scientists out there who are working hard to produce things that are going to fuel and equip multiple warfare, bring great famines and introduce many incurable diseases. Are you still working in your laboratory trying to cure an illness? Better refrain with your world saving experiments because you never know how that world is going to react in the near future.

Long ago people were killed by the cruelty of nature and breakouts of epidemics, now future populations are going to be decimated by diseases that humans created themselves in their laboratories, when you create something you can’t control, how sure are you that you cannot become the victim yourself?

There was a time when people used science to cure diseases, now they are using it to create plagues of unimaginable proportions.

Some scientists claim that warfare is good for the health of the planet. They amass vast resources and build chemical weapons to depopulate the earth, they claim population explosion will create so much congestion, people will be flocked(huddled) together everywhere on every landmass like penguins on the edge of a steep narrow cliff, isn’t it better to cut off a few branches and twigs for the sake of the entire plant? The trees usually get rid of a few leaves so as to survive the drought.

I can’t believe there are scientists who work hard and spend a great deal of fortune creating a plague instead of fighting the ones that already exist, it could be because they had a dispute with their neighbor for the last week, but since they could not come to terms no matter what they discussed, he struggles to find a solution, then suddenly he gets a brilliant idea, he then secretly plans a way to attack his unrelenting neighbor by putting his scientific knowledge to practical use, when the weapon is released all the people in the neighborhood succumb to the attack except for the fellow whom it was designed/planned to eliminate, suddenly a plague spreads to other neighborhoods, towns and cities, killing and ravaging as it goes, the entire nation gets engulfed by the mysterious plague that seemed utterly ruthless, travelers carry it to other nations with the terror and destruction that accompanies it. The innocent who had nothing to do with scientists anger are the ones to suffer the most, to everyone surprise he rejoices instead of weeping for the lost, he is glad that his experiment can have an impact on humanity, no matter what the nature of that impact may be, all he cares about is the excitement of seeing the world shaken and transformed by his test tubes.




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