Remember to dye your hair every weekend

Remember to dye your hair every weekend



My wife has inherited this family genetic condition that made her hair turn grey at thirty five, when I am walking with her on the streets, acquaintances ask me, “is that your mother?” Then I say “no, she is a mother, you know that, the mother of my kids you know!” Then they ask again, “how come she is growing old faster than you are, are you not age mates?”  “I am actually older than she is,” I reply to them, you see we have a small family issue here….. Blah blah blah…I would explain. Some understand while others don’t, we bid them farewell and part ways, a few feet ahead we meet another group who ask the same thing. Am then forced again to repeat the old song, till I am tired of talking, I didn’t want to continue wasting time explaining things to people who won’t understand, if I see someone coming I know of who might bother me with the same silly questions, I try to avoid them. She then notices this behavioral change in me, then one day asked me stop taking her out especially shopping at the mega mall. Why not? I inquired, she said she had noticed how people were harassing me because of her hair, and she didn’t want to be of any more burden to me despite trying very hard to be nice to them, so she preferred being around her work place than to be seen with me by others.




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