Red Ink on Paper, reading a thriller Novella is like being drowned in a flood of words

Red Ink on Paper, reading a thriller Novella is like being drowned in a flood of words




Some few adventurous folks have been wondering the desert after several days of painful search for water, one sees a small thatched cottage, he rushes to the scene, then luckily he finds a jerry can a half full hanging on the side of the wall, he helps himself  with some drink, his two other companions join  him on the wall and they too get to drink, and accidentally spilling some of it onto the ground, they gulped in more water until they could not take in no more, it was becoming too much to bear, Velman climbs up to the roof on top he finds a two feet wide and open tank with fresh water flowing in from the windmill’s pumps, “well I should cool myself & my burning skin with this pool, a once in a lifetime opportunity,” his friends join him by, they both dive into the tank. When the owner arrived and found the strangers in his tank some had their feet dangling in the air, he was infuriated and terrified, he at once went into the house and removed a riffle, as he was about to blow up the aliens, they shouted back screaming for mercy, “please stop, don’t shoot!,” they said, “we did not mean to muddy your drinking waters, it’s just that we were so thirsty and so dehydrated we could not think properly, we thought the quickest way to cool our burning bodies was to throw ourselves into the tank, please understand, we will pay you whatever damage we have done to you.”

Readers have been roaming the world wide web & local libraries for long hours tired and thirsty they stumble onto your thriller novella, on the shelf space, your responsibility now is to give them a drink, you shall therefore be obliged to flood them with more and more information, till they ask you to stop as it becomes too much to bear, We give someone a drink only when they are thirsty so we wait until they ask a question. We make every word matter.                                                           

When to take the pen

I grab my pen only when I am very emotional, when I feel nothing, I write nothing, often I look out for feelings like joy, sorrow, hopelessness, despair, delight, flashback, things that make your mind wonder away far and wide, now that’s the best time you should take it down on ink and paper.

Before I can pick up a pen to scribble down a few things, I make sure I put some sad music to play in the background for a little while, it draws in the mood I need to focus on my feelings, my deep thoughts, and some of my greatest desires, my most important dreams, the wildest of my imaginations.

The excitement is transmitted from the mind and body to the hands and the pen, it then drops down onto the page with the ink, if an author can never enjoy writing his/her work then neither will the reader enjoy reading that piece of work.

If you feel detached from your work while writing your book, then readers are going to feel detached from your story while reading your book, if you are deeply absorbed into the themes while scribbling it down likewise readers and going to get absorbed in your subject.




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