Radio stations drum bad music into your ears so much until you like it

Radio stations drum bad music into your ears so much until you like it




They drum silly music into your ears, long and hard enough till you like it, even if you distaste it they’ll make you love it.

Music makers have found a way to funnel the minds of many listeners into one particular taste they produce so that you are not able to listen to any other kind of music, including the one you make with your home piano.

At first people say what a terrible song has come up? Then slowly begin to like it as it is continually drummed into their ears. How can you please this generation of music lovers who enjoy your music during its first months of release then shortly after that toss it aside , they refuse to listen to it because it’s a couple of years old, they want something fresh, something unheard of before, they are unable to adjust older titles to their liking. They enthusiastically received your music at first, enjoy its tunes for a while, then sometime shortly after, they quickly dump it for something fresher.

Do you think they dance to the rhythm of their music because they love them or simply because they are so intoxicated with their bytes that they nod their heads, tapped their feet and repeat the chorus in a zombie like manner, not knowing what they singing? They are all intoxicated with the evil music of akuu His bytes are quiet addictive.




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