Poetry the best way of expression

Poetry the best way of expression





A famous astronaut was asked by a reporter after landing on the ground from a space shuttle, “what does it feel like to be in space?” what does it look like, did you see any strange looking beings?”

The astronaut then struggled to describe what he saw and felt there, since there is no feeling on earth that has similarity to what is in space, it was nearly impossible to tell,  then he tells them this, “at launch, you are shaken hard, really hard, it is as if you are a toy then a kid puts you into a container and shakes you very hard, from side to side, then there is this crushing force that that squeezes you to your seat, almost flattening you out, but when you get to reach into the outer atmosphere deeper into space, the violence stops, then comes a calm, a long comforting calm, you have no feeling that you are in a moving object at all.

Then slowly you start to see objects rise from their places on the table, everything both solid and liquid starts to float in mid-air including yourself, you stretch out your hands to reach for your pen floating nearby, then you accidentally knock it and therefore push it further away, you stretch out your hands to fly towards it, you move your hands up and down as if you are swimming in a thick viscous jelly, you use very little energy, but also move very very slowly.

I am sorry miss but I don’t have anything more to tell you in this, If you want to know more about space then I think you should hire a poet and take him there, he shall have better words to describe their experience for you, see ya…” the exhausted astronaut then walked away.

Advantages of poetry. 

When you are a renown folk then your rivals get to hear the insults you hurled at them, they’ll easily find your farm, cripple your horse and burn down your entire ranch, but who can speak ill of a poet or attack him back,? Or even know where to find them in the first place? Someone blurted out an idea, and now word is moving around in the form of criticism of a popular elite, you can see their works though you can’t fight them back.

I used to like poetry a lot back then, I picked dozens of poetry books from the libraries and often overstayed with them, costing me my pocket money in penalties, I love poetry written in many stories, especially a sad one, the ones that would make me cry, I would cherish very much, sometimes I get mixed feelings of both joy and sorrow, when I go through some of them, or sometimes a feeling of emptiness and fullness at the same time.

Poetry and music are the twin sisters that comfort their baby brother, when he is left unattended all day, and cries out for milk, they sing him sweet lullabies, with their sweet voices they lull him to sleep, he snores a little longer until when help arrives, they prevent him from despair.




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