No court case is ever too far too difficult, most court hearings often result in reasonable justice to both the accuser and the accused

No court case is ever too far too difficult, most court hearings often result in reasonable justice to both the accuser and the accused




Here’s a thrilling tale from the land of the rising sun

Here is the story of true justice I remember very well, it goes something like this…

“…Behind the sand dunes of the Maridi desert, there once stood a great kingdom which had a very kind and wise ruler, the people lived there happily, free from wars and starvation, they really adored their royalty. But then an incident occurred that brought great disturbance to this bright and brilliant kingdom. Rumours were roaming around, from East to West, North and South, people were talking…

…When news spread of what the fellow had done, the palace guards quickly tied his hands and were about to chop off his head when the monarch said, no? Wait, let him live a little longer so that we can find out what actually happened, and then he said this to his wife who had been disgraced by the slave, ” is he the one who forced you or are you the one who seduced him? These are your servants, lowly slaves If I may elaborate further, they are very shy and submissive, no servant would ever do anything their master didn’t instruct them to, they tremble before them.

Now tell me, who is at fault? Is it you or him? The council wants justice to be done to the offender as soon as possible before  word spreads to far,  the council says my beauty queen is carrying  an infidel’s child, they humiliated me so greatly, yesterday I could not stand up straight at the public square, not for a minute without hearing a word or two, you know very well that Jaabit was my best servant, he was the best of the best, it would haunt me forever if it was I who puts a blade upon his neck, other servants will lose faith in me, they’ll say that he has served me well for so long while I chose to bring him unjust punishment in return.”

The councils says, “it looks like the sheikh’s wife got a little bored and therefore had to take some form of entertainment from lowly servants.”

All right then says the wife, “it wasn’t my intention, it just happened, I did not mean to hurt you, all these years you have been busy with your bloody campaigns in foreign lands, you never take a moment to look at me, or even pay attention to what I say, when you were away I invited a small group of servants to a feast in order to entertain me, unfortunately everyone got drunk, God knows what happened next…”

The king was infuriated by this, remarking, “You are aware of the fact that you hold a very high position in this land, for anything you do in secret, word of it quickly spreads to cover the entire kingdom in the blink of an eye, you shouldn’t have gone about carelessly feasting and drinking around the palace, while you know I have many enemies. You also know the laws of this land, that any servant who takes a nobles wife must be put to death, and the woman would have herself hanged at the public gallows.

Since I have my own principles and does not consider myself a noble either, I shall have to do things my own way, I will not punish Jaabit as he deserved, instead he will be cast out and sent away to a foreign land, and you shall lose your crown, your crown as queen of Belleerd Fort shall be handed over to one of your servant women, she will soon be made queen, since you have only angered the state by humiliating the king and the royal family, the only excellent punishment would be to give back  an equally humiliating punishment.

 I will spare my sword for my enemies, let the council do whatever they want, I will no longer accept to be pushed around”

 He has done nothing of which he deserves death, according to my logic, “said the King”

 Fury from memory.

 A girl was found pointing a gun towards a famous tycoon, the security personnel was called in and after a long persuasion she was disarmed without anyone getting hurt, then a brief interrogation began.

“What were you doing at the philanthropist’s apartment in possession of a dangerous weapon?” Asked the gentleman, “you cannot understand,” she replies, “uh?  Am I stupid? Is there anything I cannot understand?”

“Just say it to me the way you find it best fit. I should at least have something to tell investigators tomorrow morning.”

When the detectives arrived, the tycoon had to explain to them what had ensued, “this young lady was once under my care,” he started, “twenty years ago I was driving across the country to do some business in another district, then out of nowhere came this van, speeding out of control that went right underneath my truck, it’s the only thing I remember, unfortunately, of the six passengers in the van, only three survived, the driver didn’t make it. After this tragic loss I followed up the deceased for months till I found where the drivers family lived, he was an ordinary farmer with a huge family to take care of, I found his wife and explained to her exactly what had happened, his van veered off the road and slammed into my truck, there was nothing I could do, I then offered to help the family in whatever way possible.

 At first his wife refused this offer of assistance and sent me away angrily, she was still in pain from her loss, its only after a while later, about a year and a half that she called me, and asked if I could meet her at a restaurant, she moved her four kids into this town apartment from the countryside, including her youngest daughter who was about two at the time, the lady was a very hard working woman, she did everything she could to ensure her children had all they needed, I too tried to help her in whatever way possible. Somehow she didn’t tell her children what happened to their father, maybe for fear it might affect them, or it could spark more questions, that I do not know, her daughter grew up in this apartment, they went to school together and played with my children, who were at the time motherless, she became like my own child. Then about a half a decade ago, I found great fortune at my new diamond mine, my life had changed then, I transformed from being a contract dredger to becoming a chief executive of a promising diamond mining company. Though I had moved far and away, I still found time to visit them, it is through one of this visits that she learned about what happened to her father, when she was young she only knew that her father died in an accident, that’s the only thing she was aware of, now she knows that I was there, she thinks I am the one who killed him, “you stranger! You murdered my father then secretly crawled into our lives pretending to be a nice person, STAY AWAY FROM ME,” she was reportedly heard yelling at the tycoon.

After the guards disarmed and calmed the young lady, they still insisted that their case be handled through legal procedures, but the tycoon refused to have any of that happen, each person went back home disappointed. Because he had refused to have the young lady charged, some of the people present there thought that the tycoon was hiding something, word started to move around that he was guilty of some secret murder, many many years ago before he had gained popularity, its only after her mother came and described to them the exact details of the incident that their suspicion was over, she gave them the details of what happened the last night she was with her husband, the reports she got from the eyewitnesses who were at the crash site, how the tycoon had described the incident to her, how he offered to be of any assistance that she may need, she also rebuked her daughter for being unreasonable, impulsive and utterly aggressive, “you know very well that he had nothing to do with it, you almost killed a goose that laid us golden eggs, if he were indeed guilty of a murder, he would never have shown his face to us, people who commit such crimes often disappear for good, but since he approached us shortly after the incident shows his innocence and remorse he felt for us,” she said to her.




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