New Startups and Ventures are creating new demand all the time

New Startups and Ventures are creating new demand all the time


Someone creates something new, out of nowhere it came, so everyone seems to need it all the time, it was once in oblivion, never thought of, never imagined and something beyond comprehension of any human being now it appears to be a necessity for everyone, so much that no one can do without it. Someone just brought it out from the middle of nowhere and dropped it right at the center where people are. Soon everybody is scrambling for a copy of it. Its quiet surprising that something which was once unheard of is creating chaos and murmurings at the public places.  When it’s taken away people go about their business as if nothing ever happened in the first place. Even if it’s something you actually don’t need, you find yourself craving for it for some mysterious reasons, it makes consumers think they need it very much, much more than anything else around them.

For instance, in the midst sixteenth century when glass was greatly improved, magnifying glass reinvented as eyeglasses were used by the elderly people who had vision problems or couldn’t see anything, at the time they were associated with the elderly, in later years middle aged professionals began to be seen wearing them, it began to be popular among all aged professionals, it became a sign of high academic capacity, it shows that these are scholars that read a lot and in the boom of twentieth century eye glasses took  a new step, they were no longer used for reading purposes only but for fashion as well, they instantly became fashioned, different shapes and sizes came up, with shadings of different colors, no longer the originals(transparent), they revolutionized everything and were very influential when pop culture was around the corner, they became fantasy, fashion and modelling items.




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