New riches is a source of envy, it brings new foes and may turn your family & old friends against you

New riches is a source of envy, it brings new foes and may turn your family & old friends against you



New goods bring new foes.

I can’t believe my companions left me because I bought myself a new car. If they really were friends in the first place, they won’t be jealous of me this much. Who sent them away, is it me, was it the automobile, or was it their own envy that led them to their departure from my neighborhood? “So all this time you had a lot of money while you chose to keep it secret from us? Now you are flashing out on expensive lifestyle?” they ask.

My friends hated me after they received the news that I have instantly become a rich kid. They soon began to avoid me in public gatherings and stopped responding to my letters of invites, they agreed to meet me only on the condition that I would have something to give them because I grew rich in secret.

Sincerely there is a category of people who will hate you because you have amassed for yourself great quantities of wealth while they have not gained a dime.

It’s only after you have reached the top of the ladder that you begin to feel all these threats directed at you. You begin to feel yourself threatened by everyone. Though is easier to carry money today than it was in the olden days, imagine walking along with a hand sack full of coins while everyone else around you watches you keenly, knowing for sure you are carrying a lot of money inside your pouch, how dangerous that lifestyle was, today if someone steals my ATM card I don’t mind, as long as they don’t have the pin, they are never going to use it, it can be deactivated as soon as the holder notifies the bank  and their safety re-assured.

The Inertia of Wealth

Those guys know very well how poor you were before, and wished you had remained the same, so that you would still be equals, its apparent that your new status caught them by surprise, they simply can’t comprehend. No wonder why people are casting shadows upon them, and saying demeaning things about their success. It appears the only way you can be reaccepted by some of those fellows back at your old place is to lose your current property and be like them once again, and you’d be welcome at their conventions. It looks like you are now out of reach for any of their advances, it would therefore be a reasonable thing for them to avoid you at all possible costs.

It’s like when a relative takes a visit to a distant land where they stay for many years, when he/she returns he notices that one member of the family is missing, they then asks, “where is that little kid that used to play around this compound?” the others then get to reply, well, “he’s the one standing next to you,” when he turns his eyes to the left he sees a great towering figure, “oh you have grown tall, you even dwarf me, ” he exclaims, the other members remind him that he has been away for more than ten years now, he shouldn’t be expecting to find the kid in the same small size he left him before.

People would like to see you remain in the small baby size they left you at, partly as a wish and partly as way of comforting themselves that things are still in the good olden ways they were.

A newly found success.

Once a man from a humble background finds enrichment. Life turns over him in such a swift way he cannot comprehend, he wonders why people are avoiding him unlike what they used to do.

His relatives and former acquaintances begin to think he has gone far away from home so that he can spend all his money by himself, they say that his newly acquired wealth has made him greedy, mean, antisocial, covetous, that’s why he has bought a house far away from where people live, he is separating himself from the community which once supported him and where he came from, the young man on the other hand thinks that his family and friends are avoiding him because they envy his newly acquired success, ” are they jealous of me?”  He asks himself, right?  That’s why no one ever tries to visit me”. The families maimed by such thoughts  draws further and further apart, each part trying to figure out what the others think of them,

It’s not the money itself that stress up their new owner, it’s the pressures that arise from others after you have acquired your significant fortune that troubles most.

A decade ago economic reforms came to the city of Taikanilo. Suddenly nearly everyone In the neighborhood is wealthy, showing off their bling bling, such an arrogant behavior drives the entire town into mad rush for shinnies, jewels, automobiles etc., once a quiet charismatic village turns into a disillusioned city square, no one ever pays attention to the other, each person has their needs intact, they then organize themselves into groups and conduct raids upon other cities.

what money can buy.

When people see you have acquired wealth to a certain level in life they start preaching to you these MONEY CAN’T BUY SERMONS.

“Money can’t buy happiness! Money can’t buy love! money can’t buy life!” they say, and the tycoon’s simple reply to this, “you say money can’t buy whatever things you have listed, all right, I have heard your bellows, and what can it buy then? Whatever it is that money can buy that’s what I am going to get it for myself. Don’t pester me with what it can’t. Your speeches are a loser’s way of convincing themselves they are still on the right track when they have failed to achieve the basic fundamental goals in life.” money can’t buy life that I know of course, I have heard all that before. 

Money can buy freedom from manual labor and excessive workload. You didn’t note that.




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