My search for true love is still on

My search for true love is still on




When looking for a future spouse/partner men and women have different ideas of what to look for. The woman looks for intellect, the man must prove his intellectual ability for he must pass all the tests she sets for him. 

Martin & Venus.

Venus is Venusian while Martin is a Martian, with different backgrounds these fellows are strongly attracted to each other, they are the perfect opposites of one other, they are like Mortis and Tenon joint forms.

Venus is a poor country girl looking for a handsome prince to marry her, she travels from town to town, from castle to castle hoping some wondering eyes of some prince will land on her. Martin is son of a poor peasant farmer who is wandering the great cities hoping to find a tournament where young men compete to win the heart of a beautiful princess. He finds none, fortunately they run into one another in an alley in one of the marketplaces and as each had hoped for, it was love at first sight. Martin said to the young lady, “you shall be my princess” and the young lady said back, “and you shall be my prince” though they were both dirt poor, they were happy in each other’s arms. The boy had found the princess he was looking for while the girl had found the prince she was looking for.




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