More Money means more problems

More Money means more problems



A newly found wealth creates havoc. Money has magnified the problems of our modern day societies, it is the cause of all social unrest.

Many people are overwhelmed by numerous demands that flow in once they strike it rich, from either the people they know closely or from their relatives, they come from every direction wanting a share of it, “we saw you on the big screen, you had won a hundred trillion in lottery ticket, do you believe that Bennie!, we are rich!”

First his wife starts making countless demands, she wants him to take her on a vacation, then when she returns, she wants a brand  new SUV, after that they should be making plans to move to a new home, then the children must be transferred to better schools(more expensive) and not to forget, she hasn’t had her skin treated for a long time, a visit to the blue lagoon would be a good choice, or a natural hot spring, a spa whatever, she wants her hair and nails taken care of by the best artisans in the country…….

His father tells him he needs a new truck, his old one is worn out and needed a brand new one to keep his business going. His mother wants her vacant jaws replaced with some golden teeth, his friends, some neighbours and relatives come in with uncountable requests, and all of them being problems of money. His kids throw away their old toys and demand more expensive ones. At school they begin to speak rudely to others, “our Dad is filthy rich, he can buy us anything we want, please try not to mess with our family,” they say to their classmates, and to the teachers they say, “why is it that you are not teaching well, don’t you know that it’s my money that’s sustaining you around here, please try to improve your performance?” they don’t attend class neither do they do homework, when teachers advise them to change their character or else suffer in the future joblessness, they reply, ” we can go anywhere we want anytime we want with whomever we want in fact this schooling is just another piece of burden to us, we should be somewhere now having a good time, they break up things on the streets on their way home, “you are a nobody to us.” they say.

The young man’s new wealth as he had hoped would bring him great joy and comfort has instead brought chaos upon his family, every member of the family all of a sudden becomes arrogant and disrespectful. Even little Angela barely a year old is as stubborn as ever.




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