Money is a bad master, it has enslaved all humanity

Money is a bad master, it has enslaved all humanity



This bad master called money has managed to gain control of every aspects of our lives, it has made us the humanity slaves to its shiny streak and lustre, and you simply can’t do anything without it. You can’t eat, walk or sleep without it, neither could you stay a whole day without it ever crossing your mind. “Even my freedom of thoughts you want to take away, you mean formless creature” How I wish I could send it away from my life for good, never to see it again.

Why should I waste away my life working for you and worry myself to depression thinking about you? Why should I have too much concern for you and take great care for you as if you are my child? You have made yourself so special and important that men all over the world run after you, the sight of your elegant walk drives them mad, and can’t stop thinking about you till they have you in their possession. Even after they get shiny treasures from you, you make them hunger for more. They will even kill one another because of you. You corrupt anyone that falls in love with you.

You ill wretched devil. How come you have brought this unbearable misery to this world? You put on a queens dress to capture the attention of others, from the outside you look beautiful, but deep beneath your skin is covered with rough scales, and your shiny lips are hiding terrifying fangs.

You brought, jealousy, lust, anger, hatred and violence into the world, all kinds of evil you brought them with you. Yet you still have the desire to hide your true identity and mess up life out here. You still want men to continue to adore you, as if you came from the stars. You want to have absolute control over them. Their thoughts, their actions, their feelings. In everything they do, you want them to remember you.

How I wish I could turn you into a donkey so that you would carry me on your back, how I wish I could turn you into an ox so that you would plough my fields, or turn you into a dog so that you can guard my house. Without that you are worthless, your shining jewels are of no use to me. I am not that fellow whom you can easily fool.

How I wish I was born in a world where people got all their basic needs without having to use money.” 

The cavemen did not have money nor complex lifestyles, but at least they were happy, the simpler your life is, the happier you are.




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2 years ago

It saddening that we are forced to pay to live on earth.
The money system is Satanic by design.

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