Money Changes People, some folks develop strange behaviors they never had once they become rich quickly



A Fork-lift contractor and the fixer once received a phone call, his partners from the other side of the conversation talks to him about someone he once knew, “do you remember Billy the Hiker?” “yes of course I know him,” replied the contractor, “I hear he is buying lots of crazy staff at the reserve, some old antlers, for a great fortune…..” well  I quiet  understand what he is up to,” replied the fellow, “I know what money does to people, those who were once quiet and calm become loud and stubborn when they gained overwhelming amounts of fortune, you see Bennie, when you have lots of cash in the pocket, you are led to believe you can do anything in the world, even think you can fly to Pluto and come back safely.

Your words become fused with phrases of how much including things that you necessarily don’t need to purchase.  You begin to nurture the idea that everything cheap is of poor quality or is meant for the poor folks. Shrewd Traders know how to take advantage of this excitement, they’ll strip a fool and his money down to every single cent, you end up buying a thatched cottage at the price of a castle. When you are now happy that you have made a clever bargain.

When you are finally home with your priced possession, the people ask you, how much is that bird? Then you say, “I have bought it for just five hundred pounds, can you imagine that, in fact  it was more than a thousand when I cleverly pulled it down to just five hundred”, then everybody’s mouth is left wide open in shock, they don’t know what to say “he told me, this bird is a rare species, it has the most unique combination of feathers in the province, no one else has it except you,” that’s why I bought it, can’t you see I have in my possession a precious jewel? How long are you going to keep it then? More questions flow in when he realizes he has been fooled, he goes out and puts the lonely bird in a shredder.




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