Merino schools for bad girls, what is the quality of education you should give to your daughters?

Merino schools for bad girls, what is the quality of education you should give to your daughters?



The general then said, “our troublesome girls we shall take them to Merino schools(A girls boarding academy) where they will flock  and cuddle together like sheep, and when they get out they will be dumber than they had entered, fill their classes with sweets, dolls, and all kinds of exciting things so they could not learn much. In those schools, give them porridge and sausages, something to distract their attention. They need to teach them only basics in all things, make all important subjects so hard and boring that as soon as they begin to dig deeper into learning they are easily discouraged and many of them quit too soon. For the boys let’s take them to the Trojan elite amphitheatres, show them the burial sites of all the great champions and heroes of the old. Let them get an inspiration from there.

If we don’t do something now, our societies and families will be in utter chaos, remember to proceed with great caution and with moderation. Keep our agenda a top secret and all will be well.”

if we don’t do something now, the ladies might overpower us, or challenge our dominion, Haven’t you seen how women’s movements has become so strong, that even the most esteemed of our judges tremble holding a gavel, says the general. Bring your daughters to schools, colleges, institutes of higher learning but be careful not to teach them everything, limit their entry into hard-core careers, the real driving force of the society, the centre of absolute dominance, for that group we shall build them a Merino school.

And now you’d see them not as a rival, but an intimate companion, you hold them tightly onto your breasts saying get closer to me my lady my sweet precious little one. The bad girls have become a great challenge to the boys and have become more of a competitor than a companion, we shall therefore take them to Merino schools.

It has been four long centuries now since General Stoneheart left those instructions, and they are still effectively being undertaken, professionals still make technical careers so hard and so boring in order to discourage iron ladies from venturing into the fields, if there are those that do, then let it be only a handful.

Anyone who knows general Stoneheart knows this testimony to be true.




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