Media Scrutiny a war of Veils and Curtains

Media Scrutiny a war of Veils and Curtains





Companies and individuals are fighting for obscurity and confidentiality while the press on the other hand wants more openness in their deep inner dealings, more transparency, and more accountability, this kind of mentality puts everyone under stress. It’s your responsibility to ensure public interests are put into place, who gave you that responsibility? Yourself of course. Neither of the side wants to loose or easily accept defeat nor fall victim of the media press ambitions someday. 

Media press is also scrutinized the most. more than any other organization or corporation, since they scrutinize the public and questions the actions of many ordinary men and women, the public also scrutinizes them in a similar manner not sparring them an inch. And a single act of dishonesty could make viewers lose faith in their favorite presenters, even if he has been reporting truthful and factual accounts all his career, a single act of dishonesty will let the people think he/she has been reporting half-truths all along, so they have been carrying out a life of hypocrisy all these years? “He mocks those living in a stable while he himself is laying in a pigs stay,” they’d say, new brooms sweep clean but once these brooms catch soot, they taint the entire house floor, they mess up everything.




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