Many News Reporters, Publishers and editors are a bunch of Liars

Many News Reporters, Publishers and editors are a bunch of Liars




The good thing about penning is that you don’t have to tell the truth all the time, readers don’t care much weather you are telling them the truth, lies or half lies, as long as the motive of the writing remains purposely for entertainment, they don’t bother much, not unless you are claiming yourself to be the one speaking the real truth while all the others are saying nothing but garbage, then will they move on to check out the details, to confirm the facts and figures.

An anonymous author can say, “I met Lincoln and we discussed many important things at his dining table,” even though he was not born during Lincoln administration he can make all sorts of claims and we don’t have a way to prove it otherwise, since we too are not of that era, we just have to accept things just as they say, no hullaballoo about it.

The good thing about being a distance author is that you can claim to be anyone, and still all your readers believe you, I can claim to have been to Reagan’s council, yet I wasn’t even there during Reagan’s administration, or claim to have been in the queen’s courtyard while I wasn’t even born when the monarch was in power.

I can say, “I was with President Reagan, then I said this to him, “son, if you continue to be soft and unwatchful you will not be president for long,”

I have never been to Washington, let alone meet the president himself, I can claim anything yet no one will disprove me, because none was a witness to prove otherwise.

I can also claim that I sailed across the red sea to Lebanon, trekked for months across the Arabian desert and happened to meet the great sheikh, he welcomed us to his palace, had a delicious meal, and after watching performance of a beautiful belly dance, we went to rest, we had a calm evening. If there is no one alive who was with me at then,  who can disprove me?




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