Mad Scientists are on the rise, each day they come up with more shocking and terrifying scientific experiments

Mad Scientists are on the rise, each day they come up with more shocking and terrifying scientific experiments



A number of scientists I believe have gone too far in conducting their ill-fated experiments. It’s all madness and mayhem under the disguise of technology and innovation, despite the protests from the public they continue with their unethical experiments, with no respect for rules of nature, life, customs and beliefs, why does science continue to question adored ancient beliefs? People hate but also respect things they do not understand.

The myth of Living forever 

Soon they will be heading for human experiments, they are inventing a drug to make people live forever, never to grow old or get sick. Well that sounds more like madness than intelligence to me.

When a researcher works on a machine that he claims he is going to use to reduce aging, do we say he is a great visionary who has set forth on a clear path of improving his life and those of others or do we say he is a mad scientist who is mocking the maker by claiming he can extend the days of his living?

When people say  that they are planning to prolong their life, it sounds like a supernatural ambition, better say I am taking a healthy diet so that I do not become sick, I hate being sick, well that sounds more acceptable to me than to say, “I am working on pills that shall make humans live forever on earth.”

Even if you were to manufacture drugs that are to keep you in good health and rid yourself of aging you still cannot live forever, there are many things that kill people in this world, not just poor health, and the age unto which somebody lives is out of mere luck, nothing more but luck. No one can hung their days of living on a line like linen, to remove them at the time they choose.

Mad Science projects

There are points when the curiosity of some researchers ended up improving certain bad situations earlier on in history, for example, herbalists, students and physicians who ventured too deep into medicine to the extent of trying to examine illnesses by cutting up corpses were however frowned upon by the society of their age, they were perceived as heretic and downright evil by the religious sect, but eventually their explorations built the foundations of modern day medicine, a clever and brave attempt it was, now in this modern day society nearly all illnesses can be cured by these alchemists, there is nothing much left to explore, so there is no other option but to continue digging deeper into the field of medicine, but then it becomes quite hard to draw the line between worthwhile experiments and mad science projects.

It’s easier to cast a blame upon a bunch of people, but when we look at the problem, it goes much deeper than one thinks and interlinks more aspects of the society than we have ever fathomed. A handful of scientists are not enough to blame for the endless list of problems the science community has created.

The root of the problem is simply too deep, if you rebuke a scientist and ask him/her to stop conducting their cultic experiments, another one springs up elsewhere with more terrifying experiments. Early scientists sat in front of their apparatus in their laboratories hoping they will see something great, they boil portions and dozens of colored liquids in their apparatus over the flames, they then sit back and watch carefully, hoping some exciting creatures will jump out of those test tubes. Many scientists are difficult to work with, they continue to cling to their ideas of gathering test tubes and boiling strange looking fluids in their secret laboratories. There is no clear line between safe experiments and ones that are utterly gross.

Dead Man Standing-The Story of Electricity.

I heard stories where scientists made dead bodies move as an experiment, they passed electric currents through the dead bodies of frogs which made them dance by twitching their arms and legs, a perfect entertainment for the crowd sitting on the benches, one literary wanted to electrify a corpse, to make it rise from the table on the podium, to carefully descent the steps before falling at the audience’s feet, that if successfully took place it would be a great triumph for this so called “culture of reason,” but for the audience watching down below, their faces would have been covered with horror, not to mention others who were flying out through the windows from shock, a commoner cannot bear the thought of seeing a dead body come back to life by the spell of an alchemist, and more astonishingly to bestow them walking straight towards them. Let the living stay alive and the dead remain dead. Don’t make a living person act like a corpse while you try to bring the dead back to life. Scientists are doing disgusting things such as trying to bring the dead back to life, to turn ancient bones into living fossils.

In the middle ages researchers and lab technicians were perceived as sorcerers by the public, imagine yourself being an uneducated peasant then you enter a room where you find a person dressed in overall and wearing gloves, (these protections were probably not there at the time anyway) then you find them surrounded by countless number of strangely shaped bottles which contained oddly colored liquids arranged in a particular order, steam probably emanating from some of them, it would definitely be a puzzling site to experience.

Bubble Membrane

It’s hard to draw the line between how much should be allowed and how far is too far. Things can easily become messy. They claim they are doing all these experiments just for the sake of looking for a way to treat an illness, but in the process of finding that cure they unintentionally unraveled a chain of more lethal illnesses never heard of before. How much is too much? How many experiments of these should be conducted on an annual basis?

If you have discovered something very fascinating about nature, environment, or the human body how certain should you be that these people you teach your results have good intentions just as you were from the beginning, how sure are you that all of them perceive things just the same way you do?

Scientists are not that evil as we may like to think of them, its science itself that can turn evil. Science has the ability to answer many questions, but to a certain limit, it solves one problem here while it creates another elsewhere. Science has gone too far and there is no sign of it stopping anytime soon.

Merchants in the Middle.

Merchants are caught in the net, they are then blamed for the negative happenings of the world while the scientists who came up with those ideas in the first place are left out. They had been deceived into wasting vast fortunes on what appeared to be a revolutionary product, now there is no turning back, all efforts seem utterly wasted.

We may be quick to cast blame upon those who profit from their experiments but the real problem is science itself, this so called enlightenment of our modern times.

They are caught unaware since they were deceived into putting great amounts of their fortune into these evil science projects, they find themselves attacked from every side by all members of the public, the people ask the tycoons, “are you going to allow those monsters they have created to get out of their laboratories and roam freely on our streets, simply because you have a great deal of fortune at stake? Should they turn out to be ravenous beasts they will eat everyone and everything that walks including those scientists that created them.” please reconsider your decisions before you make any further move.”

It’s not only the scientists that are malicious but science itself that can utterly turn evil, when those researchers are wasting away their hours in the laboratories they actually think that they are working on a project that is going to do a great deal of good to humanity, they staunchly believe it will solve all the problems of the world we currently face and bring us unimaginable wealth, and when they are creating those monsters they actually think they are making beautiful lambs, and birds of paradise, its only after projects are complete and the creature is alive and kicking do they realise what they have done. When it’s too late.




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