Lovers who take one another to court often end up being exploited themselves by the very lawyers upon whom they have placed their trust

Lovers who take one another to court often end up being exploited themselves by the very lawyers upon whom they have placed their trust



Law of lovers.

It appears that people who have very small families have the highest likelihood of losing some of their family members due to disagreement while those who have very large ones often get more members added to their group, as the old adage goes, “those who have something, more will be added to them and those who have nothing even the little they have shall be taken away from them.” those that live peacefully with other members of their extended family appear to have stronger kin bonds than those that live with a nuclear one, what a strange world we happen to live in today, for instance a newlywed couple that plans to have six children end up having only four or less, the ones that plans to have three get two or less, and those that plan to have only one child sometimes get nothing. Those couples that take in their nephews and nieces who have lost their parents appear to live happier than those who shut their doors to some of their homeless relatives, they are more cooperative towards one another and have less quarrels between themselves.

If you have a bitter quarrel with your spouse, and you start to avoid them like a plague, then you happen to get comfort from the other members of your family who happen to live with you, say a brother,  a sister, uncle, aunt, father, mother or even grandparents, these are your flesh and blood and its only among them will you find people who really have concern for you, even if it’s only one among five, it’s worth having someone who you can share your problems and feelings with even if they live far away, they could give you insights you never could have fathomed on your own, and stop you from doing things that could harm you. Not all are excellent at being their brothers keepers, but there are lot of them who do really offer true care.

If the two of you are on a vacation on the mountain side and are enjoying yourselves, then when pitching up the tent you happen to disagree on which direction the tents entrance should face, you say it should face the east while your spouse says it should face the west, no one will accept the tent to be put up until you reach an agreement, which seems to take eternity, evening approaches, it gets cold while you still argue, the disagreement happens to be so fierce & intense that it almost breaks into a fight. Luckily a game reserve patrol officer happens to be passing by and stops you just in time, next thing you find yourselves in front of an attorney, first and foremost before he can help you in any way  he asks for service fees, when you say you have none, you have spent it all on your vacation, he orders the auctioning off of all your camping equipment, everything is sold including the tent you were arguing over, even your old camping van is not spared, after you are stripped of everything, he says, “now let’s begin, what were you arguing about in the first place? Can we get serious for a moment?”

Your family problems opened business contracts for them, and it’s an opportunity they can’t miss, after all there is a donkey found on every farm.  I walk around the neighborhoods at night observing things carefully, if there is a wealthy family I happen to find having a lot of problems I prepare to visit them the next day, dressed in dazzling royalty, I elegantly walk into their house, sit confidently on a couch, summon all of them to the living room and say this to them, “I am Alikim prince of the blue sky, I have witnessed the problems your family is going through in the recent years, everything I have watched carefully from the sky, and I have come to help, do you allow me to bring the solution or do you see me as part of your problems? ” if they allow me to help, then I advise them to do this, as they watch, I throw some dice, do many strange things pretending to be performing acts of divinity, then reveal this to them, “I have seen that your house is being haunted day and night by evil spirits, this beautiful mansion of yours hides great evil underneath the soil, it’s the one that’s causing you sleepless nights, countless illnesses and insecurities, I suggest you move out at once, sell it and hand half of the proceeds over to me, I will help you locate a safer house nearby,” if they agree to my request then my success is complete, I quickly jump into my aging wagon and drive home. 

The lawman has become crooked

In one moment your pretty lady, the love of your life shocks you with her actions, she had moved her allegiance to her lawyer and fell in love with him. Who claimed he was protecting her from her first love. What difference does it make then moving away from the cabin of a poor plumber to the hands of a witty lawyer? Some lawyers brought evil accusations against men so that they can steal their wives. Why are these so called justice enforcers so eager to tear apart families that once lived happily with one another? It’s a solid proof that they were indeed in a plot to take away from them their loved ones, they plotted this evil against me from the very beginning. And probably are now happy that I have lost and also because they have profited greatly from my misery.

The Life Crushing law

How do you explain the suffering the little boy Nathan is currently going through? Just imagine his heartbreak, pain, confusion and disbelief of watching his family slashed into half like a birthday cake.

“Hey come here Nathan,” says his father, “Don’t try to counsel me, if you can’t settle you your issues with mother, how come you try to teach me, go bring her back then, She is alive right, why can’t I see her? This god damn law, and those bloody judges took my mother away from me, they claimed she was out of her mind, but I know my mother very well, she was perfectly okay, they chose to steal her away from me, It’s better to die in the woods than to grow up in a family that has been torn to pieces by some heartless attorneys,”

His sister Emily follows him from behind and tries to prevent her from going into the woods, “I don’t care what issues they have with one another, what is important is to see them work together to shield us from the storm.” He tells her. They repeated these same words at the The-Macaw Show.

Nathan was unhappy because of the fact that even after many months of being together, his mother had to leave the family home, he didn’t like the fact of seeing his mother go, he turned to his father thinking it is his fault, I have no doubt there are thousands of children today who feel the same and are going through the same challenges, they are completely heartbroken, they cannot understand how some of their parents who had loved them so much could just blatantly refuse to visit them. They are not behind bars neither are they sick, they are just there going about their business and enjoying their lives but are not willing to come see them, why? It’s very evident the grave impacts the lawman is having on these little ones.

If families are torn apart by the lawman himself, how then can the society move on, a family is the smallest unit of a society yet also the most important, if it cannot stay together, how then can entire nation remain together, wouldn’t it disintegrate just the same way families are being torn apart by or with the aid of the lawman. My home is my fortress, if any man pokes his nose into the affairs of my family, I shall wrestle him to the ground and fight him to the death. That I promise




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