Law courts of today are overflown with too many lame cases

Law courts of today are overflown with too many lame cases



courts will save us.

It is the ordinary folk themselves who have made a great contribution to this problem of endless lawsuits, they run into courtrooms to settle their disputes even small disagreements that can be settled by a simple discussion, they rush it to courts, there they find a burdensome of activities and responsibilities greater than what they would have faced if they had done things conventionally, they suddenly find themselves in a trap. What they had thought would be a quick smooth contract later turned out to be a lengthy bitter and costly exchange. They had hoped the courts will save them from their dispute, and ended up being taken advantage of by tricky lawyers. Do you think the courts of this town care about the problems you have? Do you actually believe they can help you carry your burdens? Do you think they have your best interests at heart? All that is in their interest is how they can extract vast fortunes from your problems.

There are problems that really need court intervention to work, that we understand, but not every little argument, a tiny dispute between folks should be rushed to courts. For the courts of this lily town are worthless.

When children fight in the neighborhood, their parents run to courts to bring lawyers to come and separate them, they also call all their other neighbors to stand as witnesses, to give clear evidences of who did what to whom first, whose child stole the others toys and which child threw the first punch etc.

They rush to court hoping it will solve their problems quickly only to realize later that such a decision was a terrible mistake.

If some nasty guy will continually threaten me with a lawsuit, I would tell him this, “please go and tell your bodyguards that I have called you foolish, they are all foolish, and they can’t reason out simple things that even little children can teach them. The fact that you call guards to arrest me simply because of what I have said proves you are really a fool.  If you are going to call the police to arrest me because I have called you a fool, it proves that you are indeed foolish, why can’t you talk back? Is your mouth tied up with bandage?




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