knightess in shining armour.

knightess in shining armour.


I looked upon a hill castle and saw a medieval woman dressed in royalty, her entire body was covered in shining armour, she stood upright with her nostrils held up high in the air, she looked brave, fierce and mighty. Then I turned to my companion and asked him this, “Have you seen the dazzling figure over that hill there?” “Yes I have seen that too,” said my companion,

I wonder if there is anything soft about her, her entire body is covered with metal armour, her heart too could be the same, hard as rock and cold as ice.

Some men want nothing romantic to do with women in in positions of governance and power, to him she is just another cold hearted political rival, even though she may be kind & generous no one will give a second look.

With all that knowledge and skill at the back of her head, she will make a great workmate, but an intimate companion, we’d think twice, I wonder if there is anything sweet about her at all.

According to the law of attraction, people are attracted to those that are different from them, a fisherman’s son is attracted to a farmer’s daughter while a blacksmiths daughter is attracted to a potter’s son.

I have seen with my own eyes mighty warrior women whose hearts were no softer than the armour they were wearing




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