Journalists Spreading Hate Speech

Journalists Spreading Hate Speech




There are these two journalists nicknamed Bojo & Matisi from WWB (World Wide Broadcasting) and DAN (Dynamic All-round Networks) who are spreading propaganda & hate speech, they hurled insults and verbal abuses on live television screens, their supervisors asked them to stop spreading their menace or else they’d be thrown out of the media houses, for they were not only bringing damage unto their own names but also the identity of the media houses they represented, but they would not listen.

They went to the countryside during mid-summer, there they started a bushfire, and then they rushed back to the studio to report on it. “they started complaining, pouring out laments in torrents, pointing out mistakes the villagers made when they tried to salvage goods from their homes, complaining about the slow responses of the fire brigade in their efforts to save these people’s lives, how the police failed to get to the scene on time, how the insurance companies  failed to compensate the victims.

They were asked to retrieve their comments which they failed to, shortly afterwards they were kicked out of their offices, their supervisors told them, “we know you have served us extremely well for so many years, we congratulate you for that, but you have caused us so much damage in a single day which outweighs all your fifty years of good work at our premises, all our hundred years’ worth of investments goes up in smoke overnight, it’s time to say bye bye to you for now old friends.”




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