Its never a good idea to share your dreams and ambitions with others for they will belittle and discourage you

Its never a good idea to share your dreams and ambitions with others for they will belittle and discourage you




Never share your corporate ambitions with your friends, family workmates, neighbors etc. because they will believe you only after they have seen your idea work, otherwise you will be mocked and forced to quit,

Opposition begins right at the doorstep, they mock you greatly saying that you are out of your mind, “why don’t you just quit? You are a rather funny person,” they say.

One day I summoned all my friends, relatives and neighbors to a party, there I revealed to them the plans of my project , “I am planning to build a great FLYING BOAT, that will sail the seas of the air from continent to continent, from shore to shore,” I said to them, then a few jeered me, “your own words prove that you are in fact silly, ” they said, “boats are not built on land, that’s point number one, note that carefully, secondly boats don’t fly, they sail on the rivers, lakes and seas, they need WATER to move! Do you understand that?” they shouted at me. Later on they turned my case into an interesting story which they passed amongst themselves and used it to warn their children to stay away from  me for I may pass on my madness onto them, it wasn’t until a short time later when they saw me pull it out of the dockyard that they were amazed, I flew it across the oceans from Thebes to Hispaniola and back without stopping then around the globe twice without docking at any harbor, it’s after that did they believe what I have been telling them all along, they came out in huge numbers during the air show, and said to the media reporters that they had helped me accomplish the task of building the machine, only after the project’s success did they want to be associated with me.

It’s no wonder why people build great companies from their garage, because they face criticism from the very beginning, they wait till you are finished and the project is successful before they can give you any approval.

At first I wanted to do it in the open communal way, then I came to realize this would not be possible, as long as my flying boat still lives, I shall have nothing much to worry about.

It will turn out in the end that those who once persecuted you the most in the beginning are the ones who will show  you the most affection in the end when you become successful, whether they are doing it out of the general feeling of guilt or not, I don’t know, or a genuine feeling of love, that I would never fully comprehend.





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