It seems to me that everyone nowadays wants to quit their day job to start their own businesses

It seems to me that everyone nowadays wants to quit their day job to start their own businesses




Argument-3-a better job.

A guy was asking workers in a shoe factory to quit their jobs so that they can start their own businesses. The manager received news about this Chihuahua preacher and fumed out of his office. “You rascals why are you brainwashing our employees with your dangerous doctrines? You want people to quit their jobs, throw away their education, cut their insurance, what kind of society are you trying to create? Who will be working at the factories if everyone all of a sudden decided to leave the premise to mind their own business, everything will come to a standstill, the economy will collapse and poverty will rise. While you little rascals call this wise counsel, “out of my premise”, he screamed. “You tell others to do only what they love even if it doesn’t benefit them. If some leave as you wish to start their own businesses, aren’t they going to employ others to work for them? This quitting gospel doesn’t make sense to me.”

A while ago when there was a great deal of unemployment, people cried out to their governments To create jobs for them so they’d be able to feed their families, years later they have those secure jobs, and many have saved bundles of cash in their bank accounts, now the agenda has changed, they want those jobs no more, they have enough money for themselves, because those jobs have become boring, exhausting, and waste a great deal of their time, they want to move on to something more interesting, now they want to do only what they love, even if it won’t give them enough income for their sustenance they still want to do it, they want to do only what they can enjoy.

This quitting gospel does not make sense to me, it does more harm than good, and you tell people to quit their jobs, quit their education and quit their family life. It has created a strong belief amongst young people that for one to be super successful financially, they have to quit their education, many who have done so have ended up in the streets with nowhere to turn back to. They tell workers in a museum to quit their jobs to start their own businesses so they can make more money. Then they might become super rich. Only a very small number of exceptionally lucky made it up the social ladder, they had goals in mind, they did not wilfully toss aside their academic papers to journey into the unknown, a vast majority meet with calamity.

These fellows who are distributing such stories to the world screen are creating a false impression about college education, the young viewers can perceive this to mean that quitting college is okay, that those who deliberately discontinue their education become much more successful and much richer in life.

They say they are leaving their job because their boss in unbearable, let them hire a few employees in their newly made business and see what kind of boss they are going to make,

If you are tired of being pushed around by your unbearable boss, then build your own firm and you shall become the boss, you can then push others around as you please.

everyone wants to be their own boss.

People of the old used to think about receiving the best education, finding a job, preparing resumes, passing interviews, but these days people talk about starting a venture & owning their own business, they want to be the boss, times have greatly changed, long ago having a white collar job was the ideal status every graduate wanted to have in the society, people were ashamed of being called self-employed, now it’s the exact opposite, more people are going to distaste white collar jobs, graduates leave school not with the mentality of finding a well-paying job but to start their own ventures and keep all the profits.

College drums conformity into your mind, the need then becomes to finish quickly then find a job in the market as soon as possible, they all believe so.

Let those who have stayed for too long in their jobs without being able to find a better one be glad that they have something to keep them busy, something they can call a job, there are millions of people worldwide who are desperate to find any kind of job, no matter how hard or backbreaking it is, so they’d get a few coins to buy bread.

How will your employers feel like when they discover that you have been building your business at their company premises during working hours?  And worse, you are working on a venture that may in future become a rival enterprise, “a snake in the grass” that’s what they might call you.

Does one quit their job when they are angry with their boss? When you have a bone to pick with one of the senior supervisors while you have got no problem with all the other juniors and employees, do you have to leave because of that one person since they are in charge? The mean boss tells you, “We won’t hire somebody who will come to do his own things at the office premise,” if you are concerned about your boss being too strict at the workplace, remember submission is one of the things you signed up for, here you have no say, though some may say that a true genius works at a pace which suits them best, they’d not let anyone rush them, or make them do things in a way different from the one they are used to.




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