It is very hard to convert to your own faith the atheists and hardcore scientists who believe in the evolution theory, you can never make them believe in God

It is very hard to convert to your own faith the atheists and hardcore scientists who believe in the evolution theory, you can never make them believe in God




Stubborn ape thinking.

If you try to argue with a heathen scientist, you can never win, the deeper you go into the argument the easier it is for them to convince you, they can easily convert you to their way of thinking and make you think like an ape. Most of these so called researchers and scientists are resistant to devotional beliefs.

They look for ideas from others, even those who do not share the same way of thinking, then assimilate results of their experiments into their own theories to prove their point.

 True unbeliever

 A crowd had gathered outside the building of a busy street, out of mere curiosity I came out to check what it was, some people held their hands on their mouths as they helplessly watched a baby crawled out of their living room into a sharp edge on the eighth floor of a Condo, they stood there screaming trying to warn the infant not to go any further, for it could risk falling off the edge.

Right about two floors above it was a construction worker who was carrying a huge plank of wood heading to the stairs, he was going to repair a section of the roof, but in a moment he looked like he slipped near the stair when the plank of wood bounced off his shoulders and flew right out of the gaping area between the window and the stairs, it descended two floors before landing in the midway between two close apartments therefore  joining the two balconies, the baby now almost falling off the edge of the balcony used its new bridge to crawl across from his balcony to the other and fell right into the living room of the other  house, the repair worker who accidentally dropped the plank wasn’t aware of what was happening down below till when he heard the commotion, he watched in shock what the infant was doing, some people down below had to scream, others moaned while there are a few who cheered the infant as it crawled along a narrow plank forty meters above the ground.

When the incident is finally over there was a sigh of relief, some of the people rushed upstairs to check out the minor’s whereabouts, they wanted to congratulate its parents for the marvelous work he had achieved so far.

A priest who was standing there said, “What a miracle!” after watching the incident, a scientist who was also standing there right beside him said, what a coincidence? The priest repeatedly said it was a miracle while the scientist insisted that it was a mere coincidence, it led to an argument between the two.

All these are guys who went to Sunday schools, they know at the back of their heads that there is a creator, but they fear to credit that creator, if they do so, all their efforts would be wasted, people would stop listening to their stories, they will stop buying their curios and stop paying money to visit their workshops “why should we pay huge sums of money just to wait for hours as you drag us through your boring stories while you will eventually conclude with a creator?”

One thing I have realized with this fellow is that he usually starts his interesting stories very well but doesn’t finish, please let me ask you this, and don’t feel intimidated,

“Where did those monkeys you talked about earlier on come from, did they fall from the sky or did they ascend from the underworld? Cracks opened up from the surface of the earth and they marched out in huge formations and conquered all the earths territories, that’s what you were about to say, or should have said. Monkeys and bonobos are simply too big to jump out of nowhere.”

At least we know from folk tales that the mermaid was once sea living creatures (a half fish) before coming to land and turned into a full human before being married by a handsome prince, and wolf man was a normal human during the day that later turns into a wolf in the middle of the night at the light of the full moon. He then tears into pieces those that were once his enemies…

I asked scientists who were my former school mates many questions, I say this to them, “you went to Sunday school together with me and you know all truth, what then happened along the way? Is there something troubling you that you don’t want us to talk about, please open up, I will pay you all the attention you might demand from me,”

 Even though many of them went to Sunday-schools, it’s all about business man, nothing else. Oh, I see, it’s because you got rich that you no longer need a prayer? We went to Sunday school together, you were once cordial and submissive, not this time.




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