Is technology a blessing or a curse?

Is technology a blessing or a curse?




Has technology improved our lives or has it added more burdens to our already busy schedules? When one says it has brought about significant improvements, it would rather mean things are simpler, life is easier, you don’t have to spend extra hours, meditating at your office table, salaries are higher, you relax and sleep much longer, everything is smooth., when machines take over daily labor, if that was really the case, We would not be complaining of backaches, eye problems, stomach crumps and fatigue. In fact, in countries where technology is at its highest peak, people are working twice as hard, twice as long, and double the expenditure of money they need to keep those technologies running, and in a good condition, machines don’t reduce the workload, they simply make the work easier.

Technology has proven to be both a blessing and a curse.

Does technology really simplify life or does it clutter it with more meaningless stuff? There is an astronomical phrase which says, Travelling to the moon takes 16 days, one day of steering the shuttle till it touches its surface carefully and 15 days of figuring out which buttons to press.




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