Is anti-migrant rhetoric a form of patriotism?

Is anti-migrant rhetoric a form of patriotism?




Patriotism creates a sense of national unity, the citizens get to feel a sense of oneness and a belonging, so they join hands to raise their nation’s flag. On the other hand it creates external disputes, cross border tensions rise. “What about those on the other side of the barbed wire? They certainly do not belong to our group, do they?” For security concerns the border patrol advices they stay away from the fence or else they would be charged for human trafficking.

The act of forcing people back into their motherland is a just and very precautionary measure according to the citizens, they give their governments full support in ridding themselves of potential dangers but on the other hand the nations which receive back their citizens see their neighbours as selfish hypocritical partners, “you call yourself great and wonderful yet you are unable to provide for the needy, the beggars that come to you, to eat from the food droppings on your table you send them away with your fierce dogs,” then the neighbours answers, “if you have failed to provide basic needs for your citizens why do you send them across the barbed wire to my homestead?

 There is hardly enough for my own family let alone add more mouths to the table, we tried to reason with you a while ago about how to harvest crops properly so that you will not lose precious grain and starve your citizens, but you refused to pay us any attention and went on with your idle life, now that you are faced with calamity you try to cast blame upon us, didn’t we offer our hand to help but you refused to accept it?”




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