Investing in Nature Conservation is like growing Money trees

Investing in Nature Conservation is like growing Money trees


A time will come when people will put their money into trees, when the price of one log of tree becomes more expensive than one bullion of gold, then will the world know that it has destroyed its nature reserves to the point of no return. When they try to plant many trees they needed urgently, but since ancient living things have a slothful growth one generation plants them while another harvests them, a slow unreliable process.


Putting money on trees sounds crazy though a great idea. People are soon going to invest in large scale reforestation projects. In places where nature has been destroyed and wildlife disappeared, these tiny man-made forests will be the only source of timber and other valuables used by humanity extracted from trees, the one with the largest plantations gets to rip the greatest of benefits, trees of all kinds will be available, those that are usable while there are those that are useful only to nature. How will the world be like when people realize that one tree is more valuable than ten cars, for a tree improves man’s health while a car destroys it.




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