Internet Crime often results in the boredom created by long hours of browsing the web

Internet Crime often results in the boredom created by long hours of browsing the web



As the old adage goes, an idle mind…….

Surfing the web creates some form of idleness, as a person surfs the web more and more, they then unconsciously start to become idle, their physic and brain becomes clogged, the youngster starts planning ways of breaking into some accounts. You shouldn’t let anyone lie to you saying he’s busy surfing the web, not unless they had pre-planned whatever they had come to look for, not unless they had prepared a list of research projects they are to tackle, those fellows are doing nothing.

There is a difference between someone who goes into a library with prewritten titles in hand and someone who ignores the catalogue and wonders aimlessly across the shelves, asking others to give him advice of what he/she should read.

The internet surfers are so bored that the only thing they can think of is to break into someone else’s servers. Since surfing the web is not physically or mentally engaging, it boggles their mind.

People should remember that the digital world is no different from the real world, it is a dark dark planet with equal number of predators and prey, laid with booby traps , sink holes, nets of all shapes and sizes, dangerous sharp objects , and many more numerous dangers. The more experienced predators who can see clearly in the dark stalk their amateurish prey that roam aimlessly into the unknown, they stalk quietly then make a tasty meal out of them. Just as the real world has equal hours of day and night, the digital world will give you both equal measure of good and evil. Presently parallel to one another, which means internet use is important & valuable to you if you really know what you are doing.




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