If you want to be like the Romans, then you better go to Rome

If you want to be like the Romans, then you better go to Rome




My distant friend Abdul stays in the Emirates, Abu Dhabi, he complains so much about having an ineffective swimming coach, he is not elegant enough, he declares so quiet often, how I wish he was here where I live, then his case would be a little less complicated. I continually advised him to go where mood is intense and the type of business or activity one is looking for is well cultured.

If you want to learn how to ride a camel then go to Western Sahara, if you want to become a long distance runner, then go to Ethiopia or Kenya, if you want to be a soccer star then go to South America, or Europe because that’s where the atmosphere for that particular culture is at its most intense.

If you are in Egypt and want to learn how to swim fast, I mean really fast like a tiger shark, then you better come to the Caribbean Islands,  the great Nile isn’t wide enough to exercise your swimming freedom, you won’t be able to throw your arms and legs more freely, here you will find fellows who will surprise you, everyone here knows how to swim, including the young children and infants, as soon as a child learns to walk, they run from their homes and go to throw themselves in the oceans, when you watch them swim you are taken aback, you will be greatly surprised, they are like wiggling worms, they swim like tropical fish, you might think they were born under the oceans. The children of the Caribbean will show you great wonders of swimming.




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