Ideological warfare is tearing the world apart

Ideological warfare is tearing the world apart





There is more ideological warfare going on around the world than the physical one. The globe divided into many distinct groups based on their beliefs and ways of doing things. Each one is trying very hard to convert all the others to their way of thinking. The major regions of the world might then in the future divide themselves into groups of four, and members of the same group will live cohesively among one another, nationality and places of origin will be of very little importance to them, national boundaries will literally disappear between these lines.

Categories namely;


These are liberals and free thinkers, they are full of ideas, and have many possessions. They emphasize free thinking and believe the world is going to be a better place if people are allowed to assemble freely to share ideas between one another.


These are the victorious through labour, they have a lot of work waiting for them at the concrete hall. Free labour as they believe it to be the solution to many of the problems the world is facing, every citizen should work hard for their life’s sustenance and simply stop pestering others with their endless problems


These are fellows that are strict with their origins and cultural beliefs, for all the success they have had so far they thank their ancestors for everything they have acquired, everything they might need in the future they always refer to their cultural beliefs.

Madibians & Ghandhians

These are the peacemakers, they want no trouble with anyone, and will not take part on any side of any conflict. They are willing to interact happily with anyone that wishes so, but as soon as they realize that trouble is brewing they quickly withdraw from the gathering and attend to their own personal matters.




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