I have a feeling that some women really need to do something about their dress code

I have a feeling that some women really need to do something about their dress code

This is a conversation that has been going on for ages now and I do not claim to be the right expert to properly tackle this issue, I just wish to say how I often get affected by the dress codes of some women in my daily life. Sloppy dressed ladies like being stared at by men, but they don’t like it when their spouse stares at other scantily dressed women.   It is wrong to say that short skirts are the thing causing women to get molested, but it would be right to say that those shorts are compounding the problem that had already existed for millennia, it is a fact that very well dressed women and even children get molested every other day, so we can’t just blame the dress code.

Where are the good old fashioned Victorian gowns? What happened to the full body coverings that used to dominate our society? Did something suddenly go wrong with the fashion industry? A guy was once caught staring at a lady at the bus stop. The lady asks him to stop having a lewd gaze at her, the guy replies, ”I just can’t help it miss, you are simply too hot.” Well I don’t know if that statement is complementary or threatening, that is up to your own judgment.  

A man says to his wife, ”Everywhere I go with you I see men staring lustfully at you, don’t you remember that you are a married woman now and shouldn’t be going around dressed like that? well these are the only clothes you can find out there, there aren’t any Victorian gowns left out there nowadays,”   Well to be honest with you, the girl has a point, decent women’s clothing are really hard to find these days.   When you pay a visit to all the shops, you will always find female clothing under either of these three categories.

  1. Too short
  2. Extremely tight
  3. Partially or fully transparent.

And whenever any lady puts on those clothes and takes a walk through the neighborhood, you see the same kind of unwanted attention from boys and men alike. She can clearly read what is written on their faces which seems to say, ”If only I could be alone with this lady somewhere special, just the two of us for a moment.”   It is a sad tale now that even very young boys are very vividly aware of how the shape of a female’s body looks like. I once came across a young lady who was walking along the streets of a city.

She was wearing an extremely short skirt. Shorter than anything that I had ever seen before. Even though it was during daylight hours and the streets were full of people moving up and down, she appeared very uneasy to me. I mean she looked really uncomfortable, she kept looking over her shoulders, throwing her eyes around to see if she can catch a man staring at her, something she never got according to her wish. Another thing I noticed was that she kept trying to pull her skirt down to her knees over and over again, but it couldn’t because the skirt was too short.   This incident made me wonder, why would such a beautiful young lady put herself in so much trouble by wearing an extremely short skirt on a busy street then spend  her entire journey trying to avoid unwanted attention. Well I guess she will get the attention she wanted so badly whether positive or negative, she shall have to deal with it just the way it is.   I mean her skirt was much shorter than anything I had ever seen. I have seen skirts that were extremely short, that were way above the knees, but this one was way above the waist.

As a gentleman I often feel very sorry for women that dress like that, for they are sending the wrong message to the men out there, their dress code silently echo the words, ”I am extremely desperate for a man’s attention, please come and grab me all you want,” It is a much more painful scenario when it is your loved ones involved, when men see their wives and daughters dressed that way, it is very heartbreaking, even though some of them may not verbalize their concerns, they often suffer quietly from deep within.





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