I am having suicidal thoughts, Somebody Please Help!

I am having suicidal thoughts, Somebody Please Help!




Don’t even try to help people who have made up their minds for self-destruction, you might end up sharing the same thoughts too, why would you take your own life because of someone else who annoyed you? You bring your days to an abrupt end and take your young heart early to the soil. Deep into the pit it goes, while they continue to live, enjoying the remaining days of their lives, the fact that they humiliated you badly and inflicted so much pain upon you proves that they do not want you around them.

 And they could kill you if they get the chance. If I hear someone telling me that they are having suicidal thoughts I would say, “Hey wait, please hold on a minute, let me come there and finish you myself, so that you will go to this whatever place you are so eager to go to earlier. How come you can’t have a second thought? There are thousands of people now in the intensive care paying millions for oxygen so that they would continue to breathe and live to see another day, here you are young, full of energy and vigour, yet you want to take away the few bright days you have left. If life is difficult for you then try death.

Some years ago, I discovered that a friend of mine belonged to a religious cult, being one of his close acquaintances I tried to give him all the help I could, through counsel and introducing him to counselors to talk to him, it didn’t work unfortunately, in fact I almost ended up being dragged into the cult itself in the name of trying to help. I had no choice but to abandon him and leave him to his fate.

“May curiosity continue to kill the cat,” I said to him and walked away. I also discovered that he had dragged some members of his own family and a group of youngsters in the neighborhood into the secret organization. He was always out searching for someone to deceive and drag into a dark alley, away from the sight of the people, a terrible loss it was for me, you know we are being told that we should love others, but frankly I don’t think this is a fellow you can love. If he cannot listen to the voice of his guardian angel, why will he listen to mine? Let the crocodiles snap those that are going to drown themselves in the river and the sharks devour those that are going to throw themselves into the sea. When you try to make yourself the people’s savior, the people will turn you into their victim, and hurt you more than you could ever imagined.

There are dozens of patients in clinics struggling to recover from their illness and resume their daily lives, while on the other side there are people who are having thoughts of willfully taking their own lives.




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