Hymns of the great apes

Hymns of the great apes




The apes gather around a tree stump to meet their master, they begin to sing in chorus to their master and discoverer…

Darwiin   daaawiin Oohh Ooohh Darwin

Is the great adventurer, who is like he,

He travels many lands

Finds new things

A great philosopher of the apes

The mighty king Kong

Darwiin   daaawiin Oohh Ooohh Darwin

Darwiin   daaawiin Oohh Ooohh Darwin


Darwin’s song of the great apes, as it came to be known. They sing, Darwin, the wise  curator of the forest, what a wonderful thing it is you are here with us, to see our troops, whom can speak the language of the apes like he?, who can walk the tight rope? None other than he,

Who can swing on the tree branches like a pendulum?

None other than he,

Darwin Darwin the great.

They slam the tables, “cheers to the great apes.”

All the apes are gathered together under one tree trunk to pay tribute to their long gone master, the large and the small, those with tails and those that do not have tails, others with thick fur, others with sharp teeth, some are slow while others are fast, those that eat fruits and those that eat flesh. There are apes that live high in the tropical rainforests, others roam the open savannah grasslands.

The chimpanzee, the smartest among them becomes their judge, the gorilla maintains order

Long before this, young Darwin would leave his lab to attend to his large ape family in his backyard, where he had kept them. Now he’s gone there’s no one to attend to them. So they decide to conduct their own meeting




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