Humanity shall soon witness the fury of mother nature, with all this environmental destruction and pollution that is going on around us, Nature has an ingenious way of fighting back

  Humanity shall soon witness the fury of mother nature, with all this environmental destruction and pollution that is going on around us, Nature has an ingenious way of fighting back

  Humans are newcomers to this planet that turned out to be ungrateful guests   Mother Nature who has done this to you? You welcomed them, hugged them and held them onto your bosom, yet this is how they pay you? How could they dishonor you like this? These humans have chosen to defile mother nature while she was kind to them from the very beginning, with her wool and cotton she provided them clothing, with her grains in the fields she gave them food to eat, with  her timber she put a roof onto their heads, and provided a comfortable place for them to live in, yet they did not appreciate  a bit of it, because of their over ambitious projects they robbed her of everything that was beautiful, they went to prepare a concoction , cooked in a large pot made of poisonous ingredients and spices of dangerous toxins, when the potion was fairly hot they took it right out of fire and poured it onto her face, they robbed her garments and ran off with it giggling at one another as they said, “that was an easy prey.”  

These poor beggars that were once wandering in the wilderness of the earth have made themselves into cruel imperialists and turned against Mother Nature. But since she is too polite & gentle to defend herself, I the silver axe will avenge her course, I will ride in a golden chariot to every city on earth and present my case to every mayor  in towns and cities, peoples of every village, “please listen to me, your ambitious plans have brought a devastating effects on mother nature, you made her blood boil and repeatedly injured her over and over again, she has had enough, now it’s time you think twice about your ambitious projects, listen to me carefully if you want to continue enjoying your home-stay.

To those towns that receive my message and get things done according to instructions, I will make friendship with them but those that refuse to listen and go deeper with their over ambitious projects, I shall have the pleasure to strike their cities with the full wrath of mother nature, their rivers shall be filled with toxic chemicals thousands will die that month, then inject the air with dangerous fumes, ten thousand more will die the second month, everything in their homes, their food, their clothing, their utensils shall be poisoned with that affluent which flows down from their monster factories, hundred thousand more will die the third month, if they do not listen and still dig deeper into their ambitious projects, the waters of the seas will warm up, mother nature will instruct the furnaces that lie deep below the earth to warm up the planet, places that were once cold and covered with snow & ice will become warm, moist, and dump, they will be infested by tropical diseases, many more will die, the waters of the oceans will rise and cover nearly half of all landmass, all cities that are within four hundred kilometers from the coast line will be annihilated, many islands will disappear, food  will be scarce, anyone that tries to grow crops will be blown away by fierce famine winds,   Listen to me people of every town, if you still want to continue enjoying the fruits of your gardens or else you will be destroyed by the same Mother Nature who was once hospitable to you. Mother Nature’s past glory that was destroyed shall be restored by the silver axe.   The never seen before fury of Mother Nature.  

Mother nature has her own way of defending herself from the cruelty of man who has inflicted so much pain on her vegetation, fisheries and wildlife, full of rage she picks a guitar, she sing sweet hymns, she sings and sings for hours on, to the red liquid beneath the earth, to the rocks on the surface and the waters of the seas and oceans, and to the winds above the air, hear this, listen to this lullaby, the sweet music of the old, therefore begin to dance,  dance your hearts out. She tells them. When the party starts, the whole earth begins to shake, earthquakes crack the rocks  of the surface which bury thousands of homes, liquid fire flows out from the mountain tops, covers large tracks of land, forcing people to abandon their homes, huge waves rise from the seabed, they rise so high, higher than the highest mountain and descend upon the land with full force, in just a fraction of an hour all the coastal cities are swept away, left flat, barren, with only rubble, debris floating on the waters, the winds blow harder, the north and south winds join hands to dance salsa, they spin and spin a thousand times and the force they produce is so strong it lifts away rooftops, lifts huge rock boulders into the air and use them to knock down super skyscrapers, they dance and dance for many weeks. Only after everything has been leveled to the ground does Mother Nature stop playing her guitar, the party ends. She has proven that she can defend herself from the cruelty of man. Why then should we wear ourselves out by worrying too much about these things?   How dare they close their eyes pretending they do not see what’s happening around, they say, “we don’t understand what’s going on,  it’s none of our business either, what have we got to do with your problems,”  “oh yeah?” Replies mother nature, I will respond the same way after you start feeling the effects of your damage. You robbed me of my divine beauty, and you definitely are going to pay for that,   “Some of you may escape, I know that but what I am certainly assuring you is that your children will suffer the consequences of your actions, your children, grandchildren and great grandchildren will surely face my wrath, I will  make them pay for what you did to me.”   Their endless folly Some fools were injecting portions of toxic chemicals into the soil, the soil turned as black as coal, they left and quickly forgot about it, later on, many many years later, their children came to build a house at exactly the same spot, grey molds began to crawl up their homes in such speedy motion in a way never imagined nor witnessed before.  

Some gullible alchemists concocted a vast array of toxic chemicals in huge cylindrical tanks, they set up towering industrial complexes to pursue their preconceived ideas, after the mix is over they poured it into streams giggling and chattering like monkeys saying, check that huge porridge honklad, the waters drained into rivers which later flowed into lakes and the oceans, all the sea creatures leaped out, coughing sneezing & vomiting, those that made it ashore died quickly as soon as they reached land.   More vengeance As a punishment for their folly, mother nature will stir the belly bottom of the planet with coal tongs & and make fire raze further upon them, the fires will flare up and bake the planet, so hot, hotter than an oven that every living being will be particularly baking, there is nowhere you can hide now, ah! Ah! Ah! She laughs, those humans they thought of themselves as very smart now their folly has come to light, even the birds, land animals and sea creatures were smarter than they are and were cautious enough  not to meddle with divine structures.  

Even a simple ordinary rain becomes dangerous, once before children would run into showers when it finally comes after a long period of dry hot summers, not this time round because instead of the rain cooling their bodies it burns their skin turning it pale, you might think they caught leprosy while bathing in the showers, an umbrella too is not safe, it can be used only once after that its then discarded, everyone stays indoors when it pours, children will no longer play outside in the rain, when you fetch the water in a bucket to examine it, it tastes like baking soda, not good for cooking.

The long rains will fail to answer to man’s call for irrigation purposes and brought starvation to millions, they fill my water tanks with acid, which I pour back onto their heads, says mother nature, their skin peels off and their flesh melts away,   It turns out that some of the most magnificent cities of man are built along coastlines, an easy target for Mother Nature’s vengeance, The oceans will hold their bellies tight and vomit huge volumes of water with sea monsters onto the lands where men dwell, The furious water waves tear metal boats apart like a piece of thin garment.   “I Will boil my porridge of anger while they sleep,” says mother nature, I will prepare and attack them at a time they did not expect, when they are enjoying themselves on cool beachfronts, while they carelessly lay on the sand to bask, then shall I teach them a lesson, I will act in a way they will never understand, their wise and well educated will try very hard to predict my every move, but they will all fail, none of them will ever know where I will strike next.

Even their best defense mechanisms shall fail them, Mother Nature will then continue to fight back in her fury, and she will give them a beating they will never forget. When you have angered nature you can’t fight it nor shield yourself from its wrath. Mother Nature in her fury will force them to drink from the same rivers which they have poisoned, and the same air they have made stale she will force them to inhale.   Fires come out from the mountain tops, proceeded by dark fumes and toxic white smoke that burns everything it touches and chokes everyone that breathes it. Villagers near are shocked to see huge storms clouds of hot toxic black smoke approaching them. It shall raze entire village and towns to the ground.  

I tell them none of them has witnessed the fury of nature, the winds can shutter rock solid buildings like sand castles the waters of the seas will tear into metallic fortifications, it cuts through steel like knife through butter, the way an old soaked garment can easily be torn apart by a child, it’s no big deal for mother nature. Humans can defeat and conquer other humans but not nature itself. They shall have a taste of the fury of Mother Nature. Humans don’t realize that each day they live constantly at the mercy of Mother Nature,   If man will continue with his relentless aggression towards nature, the once quiet and gentle nature will have no choice but to fight back, with full wrath, It’s after they have seen the results of her fury do they learn to fear and respect Mother Nature.  




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