How should you react when you catch someone staring at you in public?

How should you react when you catch someone staring at you in public?


This is one of the most embarrassing scenarios we always find ourselves in. you are sitting in public place lets say a park, then when you decide to look around, you stumble upon some wondering eyes, looking straight at you, in most cases the other person would look away once they realize that they have been caught, but there are rare cases where the other fellow won’t budge. Even when you look away, for a moment then slowly sneak your eyes back at them you find that they are still fixated at you, they won’t blink, just sitting there with their eyes glued on you, and showing no facial expression that can help you read their thoughts, they put up a poker face, there is no surprise, fear, admiration or puzzlement written on their faces. Just a blank stare, a friend of mine got herself in this situation before, she asked me for advice, unfortunately I didn’t have any.

” what did you do immediately after leaving the place?” I asked her, ” I just took a taxi and went straight home, it was such a bizarre and frightening experience,” she said, ” Well you did the right thing, I replied, you had no choice but to run for your life, its typical of all humans, but I didn’t think that guy was any dangerous to you, people who have ill intentions always look away when you catch them staring at you, they always pretend to be not looking and act calm so as not arise suspicion. If he had any ill intentions he would have started following you the moment you rose from your seat in the park.” I said to her, but she didn’t seem to like the advice I was giving her. ”could it have been something you were wearing that day? Or the guy could be having some kind of disability, either mental, neurological, or sight-wise, you said he did not blink, was he looking at you or something next to you, are you sure he could see properly?” I continued to ask her more questions and the conversation led to nowhere, its one of the most bizarre stories I have ever heard.

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