How often do you face rejection, is it daily, weekly or monthly? It appears that there is an Ugly duckling in every one of us.

How often do you face rejection, is it daily, weekly or monthly? It appears that there is an Ugly duckling in every one of us.



endless rejection.

“For those that are ashamed to walk with me in the public because of the way I look, I too will be ashamed to hold them dear to my heart, to call them friends, companions or loved ones. There is nothing they can give me that I don’t have already, everything I need I already have, I appreciate the fact that I enjoy the breadth of life, that to me is enough, and those who  hide from me, may you continue to do so, whenever you see my face coming down the alley continue to divert your route journey elsewhere, and when I happen to meet you by chance at the café, continue pretending to be busy with something else, dig your head deeper into the articles you are starring at.

I will not ask for acceptance in your company, nor will I beg for your companionship. I have never wronged you in anyway, yet you loathe me so much, I wonder how you would have treated me if I had done a wicked thing to you. Why is compassion so hard, even a simple hello you can’t say to me, so I would at least be relieved of the tension I get when everyone suddenly throws their frowning eyes at me, when I enter a public place?”

People talk ill of other peoples appearances not because there is something wrong with them, but as a polite way of saying, “please leave our presence, find another place somewhere to stay, and get out of our sight as soon as possible.” when they start to call you names, they simply mean, we don’t want you here.

Name calling is a polite way of sending others away, instead of taking the risk of insulting others by saying hey you fool please leave our presence, they’d rather say, hey you elephant eared, move aside, you are blocking our view, if the person feels the actual pinch of the insult, they’d slowly walk away, leaving them alone. Eventually you shall have to say, “I guess I am just an ugly duckling anyway, let me walk away and find companionship elsewhere.”

If you do not like me then I will move out of your presence, do not try to change me.

Remember you can face discrimination from  your own people, from your own community, while on the flipside you are surprised to find out that you can get acts of generosity even from the farthest of strangers.

To begin with, when you get to meet them for the first time, they say, “Hey wait, who are you? I don’t know you, please stay away from me, I don’t hang around strangers,” when you meet them for the second time, now you are no longer a stranger to them, they say, “hey wait a minute, it’s you again, why do I meet you everywhere I go?” They rejected you when you were a stranger and even after you have known one another they still reject you.

People will always find the lamest of excuses to discriminate against the other, where there is no racism, there is tribalism, where there is no tribalism there is nepotism, where there is no nepotism there is classism, fringism, extremism, agism, techism, collective narcissism, cronyism, protectionism, elitism, egalitarianism, populism, supremacism, they can easily find an endless horde of excuses to push you aside, saying “stay away from us we do not need your company.”

It is easier to love than to hate, those who choose to hate others will never cast a spell upon them through their resentment, instead, the bitterness they hold slowly boils within themselves, and brings them to an early destruction.

It’s evident how hard people struggle to be accepted in a particular group, just to have a sense of belonging, a community they can call a family.

Why do I have to fight so hard for acceptance? I would prefer to remain in solitude than try to join a company that loathe me so much simply because of the way I look. Inside a dark room I will hide myself, and its four walls that surround me will comfort me.

A quick welcome zone.

I wish I could go to a place in the world  where I will be accepted just the way I am, where I don’t need to wear myself out trying to win peoples favour, I wish such a place existed. If only I could find the map that will direct me there, if only I could stay there for a day,  a week or a month, where I don’t have to answer questions concerning my wiggly appearance, a place  I could get everything I need, and relax to get comfort, without going through scrutiny and interrogations of mean men.




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