How hard or easy is it learning a new language?

How hard or easy is it learning a new language?


I wish I could speak a thousand languages and interpret ten thousand tongues, how would the world be like if you could hear and understand everything, citizens of every country, say for example.  At least for now, just a handful, hope for a dozen,  after that a hundred plus then when efficient well enough in all these pragmatics go for a thousand, never mind, I would never go crazy for reading all that. Life in these days is so boring that learning new languages seems to be the best way to pass time, it’s the most exciting way I think. How interesting my life is going to be learning something new each day, for all the non-written languages I wish I could cascade them on a piece of paper and read them to others. I will travel as far as my tuk-tuk can take me and learn as many languages as my mind can uphold.

Though I am conversant with only a few east African dialects, I wish I could learn all the African dialects, get to know their customs and traditions, speak their tongue,, what an exciting thing it would be?




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